Stories of horror

Some may be true some may e fake but one thing is for sure ...........the terror is perfectly real.


Author's note

some stories may not be suitable for younger readers

1. Story 1 - Dead texts -

Reminder - This story is made up

-Dead texts-

About a year ago my cousin went missing , she was never found , but she could have been. Around the same time she went missing ,at this time had an old Samsung phone that my dad had given me , I don't really text my cousin that much but one day when I was moving I was shocked to find the old phone as i thought I had gotten rid of it . 

Obviously I scrolled through it thinking maybe I could sell it , it wasn't in bad shape at all considering the fact that I had used it for a year and a half. But to my horror as soon as the phone switched onto the phone homepage i saw that my message icon had received 13 messages.

​That's weird ​I thought ​I told everyone I was getting a new phone when I got ordered my iPhone 5s .

​I clicked on the icon to see who had sent them and to my horror they were all from my cousin begging for help when she had gone missing. I immediately called the police and they arrives at my house with two minutes , my cousins house was only two minutes away from ours so with the new evidence to the case that started about a year or so ago they tracked her location using the messages.

​They tracked her phone to an old abandoned car left in the woods , sadly she nor her body were there but about ten minutes later they found her body in a ditch decomposing , it had been there for about eight months the cops said.

​I felt incredibly guilty as a week after I got my new phone is about the same time she went missing , if only id given her my new number. I'm petrified even today as i kept my old phone for evidence for the police,  that my phone will switch on and ill still receive messages from my cousin.

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