I wrote this during AP Euro, didn't really know what to do with it. So here's a short story.


1. Silence

    We have to move she thought it's not safe here. The girl hurried all of the students out of the cafe and onto the street. Everything was a mess, people were running and screaming in every direction, the sky was a mixture of grey and sunshine.. The girl ran the high school students behind a row of cop cars that had formed. She sat them all down and asked if everyone was alright. Their eyes were wide with fear and some of them were shaking but they were okay. The girl looked around for a moment, frowned at the sky, then stood up to get a better view. She was looking for someone that much was clear. Muttering come on under her breath.

    All of a sudden the wind picked up and clouds blocked out the sun. Everyone looked up in time to see him impaled. The pole yanked from his body and the girl screamed as he was kicked from the building. Down. Down. Down he fell tumbling through the air like a leaf caught in the wind. Then silence. The horrible silence that filled the street. It was coated in blood, blood and broken bones. She ran to him then, in the silence. She held his broken smile in her arms, she stroked his stained hair as her tears fell onto his broken face.

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