14 years at Hogwarts

Hermione accidentaly goes back in time 14 years, to the moment she meets Harry and Ron. Hermione stays in the past 7 years and then has to choose between her world or the past.......


2. Hogwarts...again?


“There it is!!!!!!!” “Wooooow” “It’s beautiful!” There were kids shouting all over the train.

For me, it was so rather anoying because I have been on this train, seeing Hogwarts 7 times already.

Harry and Ron (their 11 year old versions anyway) were very exited and amazed at the beauty of Hogwarts too.

It seemed that I was the only first year who was not so exited. Well, I wasn’t really a first year anyway.

It was as magnificent as I remembered it. The towers standing tall, the castle was the same big, beautiful building as it was before.

“What house do you think you will be in?” asked Ron “ I hope I am going to be a Gryffindor! My whole family has”He added.

“I don’t know anything about the houses so I have no idea.” Harry replied “What do you think Hermione?” He asked me

“Well I have read all about the 4 Houses of Hogwarts. I think I will be a Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.” I said

“She is a Ravenclaw for sure. All the smart ones go there.” Ron muttered so only Harry could hear him.

“Can you tell me more about the houses maybe?” Harry asked us.

“So, Slytherin is the cunning and sly house, Ravenclaw is the wise and witty house, Hufflepuff is the loyal and kind house and Gryffindor is the brave and courageous house.” I informed him “Slytherin and Gryffindor are rivals, they are always fighting and stuff. Slytherin also has most of the Death eaters. You-know-who was a Slytherin too.

“What house do you think you will be in, now that you know more about the houses?” Ron (who was unusually quiet until now) asked Harry.

“I think maybe I could be in Gryffindor. Do you maybe know what house my parents were in?” He asked

“They were both Gryffindors” I told him again

“It’s spooky that she knows more about you than you do yourself!” Ron noticed. “She would do well in Divination.”

“Seems like everyone does” Harry mumbled.

“Get your trunks, we’re there!” Someone shouted.

When we got off the train, Hagrid was shouting “ Fir’s years, over her’e!”

We got into a boat with Susan Bones and in some time, we were at Hogwarts!

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