horror novels

there is not much to say but if u can't handle direct language then i would maybe recommend that u find another story to read.. maybe u wil find this story a little bloddy too but now i wil say no more...
read and enjoy


1. the horror school

The Horror Night



I thought it was going to be one more boring day at school. The same boring white walls, which are almost faded. The same old history teacher, Mr. Northbrook, who’s dull voice makes me want to jump right through the window. Sometimes I wish I was deaf.

I look around on all the same old students who just sit all mesmerized, eating it all up. They are all sheep. I dozed off, and almost didn’t notice that one of my classmates got up and threw himself through the window.

All the students looked up in confusion and the other girls started screaming. Mr. Northbrook sends a couple of the boys to get the principal, who then calls the police. The police question all of us, but nobody seems to know what has happened.

As I finally get to leave the classroom, they have already removed the body from the pavement, but they have not been able to remove the blood stain surrounded but a body-shaped line af chalk.



Let me set the scene: Art class with Ms. Clovers; paint by numbers, boring. Yesterday’s event seems like a distant memory. Ms. Clovers must be a million years old. Paint by numbers makes me want to cut my own arms off, so I can’t paint anymore. Some girl spills a bucket of red paint on her shirt. It looks like the blood from the chalk outline and once again my mind wanders of, thinking about what happened yesterday.  

My pencil rolls of the table. Goddamnit. As I bend down to pick it up I notice the crimson red paint on the floor. As I wonder how the paint could end up next to my feet,I start to realise that the colour is off. It is not paint!!!. As I look up I realise what has happened; one of the boys lie lifeless on the floor - his hands are missing!!!

As the police escort us from the crime scene I notice the severed hands on the paper cutter…



P.E. - I. Fucking. HATE. P.E.!

All the running and jumping. The stinking sweaty clothes. Pathetic. today is a swimming lesson


We were done with the swimming lessons and our teacher Mrs. Hornsboggle whose skin and personality was so dry that I could swear she was the human reincarnation of a pack of crackers.

The shower floors were really dirty. I am uncomfortable with being naked in front of the other girls. Everything about the situation was uncomfortable. I began to fade out a little, dreaming away to my vacation. Spain, sunny and big beaches with huge waves and no stones, cold drinks like a strawberry daiquiri in my sun chair and most importantly; solitude.

As if i was hit in the head by a coconut, I came too. When i realized where I was I began to think of a way to end this sad and ordinary life. I could probably run super fast and just smash my head against the wall. The next thing I heard was the dull sound of bone crushing against the wall. I looked down at my feet and released that there was a red line of blood running down the drain. I was following the red line with my eyes, when I realized a girl was lying down with a fractured cranium. She almost looked like she was sleeping.

Then the screams of panic began.

(the story is not done yet)
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