A Girl And Her Boy

It's just a story that's in progress that I'm not sure I'll even finish... Basically, the overview of the story is that there's a girl who gets several notes that are creepy/ominous and get weirder as they go on. At least, that's the plan. If anyone gets suggestions, feel free to tell me! I might change the name, not sure how I feel about it...


4. The Magic Number Three (Chapter In Progress, will update when finished)


Ana was sitting on the couch in the gazebo. At least, she thought she was. Her perspective suddenly shifted to being behind a bush, watching herself swing slowly. Ana’s mind was racing. “How-”, she started her thought, but didn’t finish it. She had been distracted by something she saw in the gazebo.

When she tried looking harder, she realized it wasn’t her she saw. It was her mom. Ana had a realization hit her. She looked almost identical to her mom, but it had been so long since her mom died she was forgetting what she looked like. Suddenly, Ana felt like she should leave. She shouldn’t be watching this, but her body wouldn’t move. Looking down, she saw her feet had turned into roots. Panicking, she tried lifting her feet. She could feel a tear in her leg as if the roots were actually a part of her.

Someone was walking towards her mother from the house. Holding still to avoid detection, Ana watched. She suppressed the impulse to gasp when she realized the man walking towards her mother looked like Blaise. She had no idea what was going on, but she knew she didn’t want to know more. She almost didn’t notice when they started talking. Straining to catch the words, she made out words such as “Son”, “wife”, “sick”, and “leaving”.

There was a loud snap next to her head, and Ana felt a branch fall across her. She tried to let out a scream as it hit her, but no sound came out. The last thing she saw were the faces of her mother and the strange man snapping their heads in her direction with a fierce look on their faces.

Gasping, Ana woke up in her bed. Scrambling out of bed, she tripped on her blankets and hit the floor. Standing up, she noticed there was a note on her desk. Looking around, she grabbed it and read it.

Listen to what I tell you, Don’t let him in”, the note read. Ana fidgeted with the corner, then flipped the note over. It had a number five scribbled on it, with a seven and six previously scratched out. Ana’s heart stopped. This was the same note she had received the past two times, the one her dad had thrown out. How did this person find it? It even had the same crease where Ana had put it in her backpack…

Footsteps were making their way up the stairs, so Ana hurried and hid the note in her desk. She didn’t want her dad to see that she still had the note.

“Hey, Ana?”

“Wait, what are you doing here, Blaise?”, Ana asked, surprised.

“Um, well, if you must know, I came by because it is lunch time and you weren’t here for the first several classes today. Are you okay? Can I come in?”

Ana paused for a second, then remembered the note. Pushing the thought out of her head, Ana said, “Yeah, just a minute though. I need to get dressed in clean clothes. And I need to wash this smeared makeup off”.

Blaise chuckled. “Unless you’re naked, I don’t think it will matter. I just wanted to make sure you’re okay. Besides, I saw you half passed out yesterday, drooling all over my backseat. You think that I care about smeared makeup?”

Ana blushed. “Maybe it’s me that cares, and maybe I don’t care that you care about my makeup. Maybe I’m just self conscious around others”.

Ana heard Blaise sigh. “Alright, then I’ll just wait out here, bored out of my mind”.

Ana scrambled into some clean pants and a clean shirt, then used her other shirt to clear off the worst of the smudges on her face. “Alright, come on in!”

Blaise opened the door, then walked in. A movement outside caught his eye, and he opened his mouth to point it out. Ana saw he was looking out the window, and turned to look as well. A figure was darting away from her yard. “Damn it! I don’t know who that is, but this is the second time I’ve seen them there!”, yelled Ana.

“Wait, you’ve seen someone watching you through your window and you didn’t tell anyone? Why not tell me, I’m your neighbor!”, exclaimed an agitated Blaise.

“Sorry, not to rain on your parade, but I don’t know who that is. I can’t just go around telling random people or it might make them realize I’m trying to guess who it is”, Ana said icily.

“Okay, let’s both take a step back from this. I’m sorry I raised my voice about something that doesn’t involve me, but I enjoy your presence and, in case you didn’t notice, I did do my best to make sure you were okay yesterday”.

Ana glared at him for another few seconds, then sighed and smiled. “You know, you’re right. You did try to make sure I was okay last night”.

Clearing his throat, Blaise looked like he was about to ask an important question. “I wonder if I should go to school for the rest of the school day”, interrupted Ana. She didn’t want to hear anything that would require that expression. Last time she did, she found out her mom was dead.

Blaise blinked, then replied with, “Ana… I don’t know if you should go to school. Do you know if your dad came home last night? Not to sound weird, but I stayed up and watched your house for a while to make sure you were okay”.

Ana’s heart stopped beating. No wonder she hadn’t woke up this morning. Her dad always woke her up. “What time did I go home last night?”, Ana asked, her voice laced with panic.

“I would say we got back here around nine, then you came over to my house, so maybe ten-ish?”, answered Blaise.

“Crap, he might not have come home. I need to call and see if he’s okay!”. At this point, Ana was almost in a frenzy.

Blaise grabbed her shoulders, and turned her to face him. “Hey, hey, hey. Calm, breathe. You should call your dad, but if you sound panicked he will think something is wrong with you and it will make him worry. So breathe in, then out. Now call him”.

Ana dialed her dad, hands shaky. She hoped her voice would be steadier. One ring, two rings, three ring, four, then five, then six, then a click sound with a recorded message. “Please leave a message after the beep”, said the automated recording. Ana was about ready to cry, but she made herself breathe. After the phone beeped, Ana said, “Hey, dad, it’s Ana. Did you come home last night? And if not, are you okay? I’m a little worried since you never stay out all night without telling me…”

Blaise watched her, unreadable. She didn’t know what his motives were for telling her that her dad hadn’t come home. Maybe he’s just trying to earn her trust, maybe he’s trying to toy with her vulnerabilities, maybe he’s honestly worried. With a sigh, Ana hangs up her phone. Scrolling through her notifications, she sees a missed call from her dad around the time school ended the previous day. Checking her volume, she wondered why she didn’t hear the ringtone.

“Hey, did I get a call yesterday and just not notice it?”, Ana asked Blaise. Blaise just shrugged in response. Ana sighed again, then walked to her door and asked, “You want that meal we never ate together?”

At the cafe downtown, Ana ordered a large latte with extra whip and two extra shots of espresso along with her usual hash browns and gravy biscuits. Blaise just ordered a milkshake and some fries. Looking between their meals, Ana asked, “So why did you order only a third the amount of food that I did? Trying to make me feel fat or something?”.

Blaise looked down at the table, then back up at her. “I’ve actually never eaten here, so I had no clue what was good…”

Ana looked at him and blinked slowly, four times. “Okay, if that’s your reason, then try this. It’s pretty good”, she said as she stuffed a forkful of biscuit, gravy, ketchup, and hashbrown into his mouth.

Blaise looked surprised at first, then he seemed to enjoy the mouthful she forced him to eat. “You know, you’re right, this is pretty damn good! But, why do you put ketchup on it?”.

“That would be because otherwise the hash browns taste like the pan they were fried in, and that isn’t the greatest flavour”.

Blaise looked at Ana like she was strange. “So let me get this right… You put ketchup on your hash browns once because they were gross and you then continued to buy them and slather them with ketchup?”

Ana ndded. “That is exactly what I did. Besides, how is that weird? They’re basically glorified french fries”.

Blaise nodded in acknowledgement and waved over a waiter. “Hey, could you bring me an extra set of utensils and possibly another plate? I’m not hungry enough to eat a full order so I’m just gonna snag from this girl right here, if she doesn’t mind?”

Ana shrugged her acquiescence, and when the waiter didn’t seem to understand that meant yes, she nodded. “So, I see you approve of my choice in foods… Guess we’re a perfect match, huh? Lily did a good job, right?” Ana winked and then continued eating while all Blaise could do was gawk at this girl he couldn’t pin down. One minute she seems shy, the next she seems confident, then she seems bold, and then she seems very conservative. Who is supposed to understand someone like that?

“I, uh, guess so?”, stammered Blaise after he realized he had forgotten to respond.

Anna tilted her head back and laughed, pausing for a second to wipe away a tear. “I’m sorry, I just didn’t expect to make you so uncomfortable. I was just joking, so don’t worry. Or was I?”. Anna scooted a little closer to Blaise as she said that last comment, making Blaise a little more out of his element.

“I’m more comfortable with being the one hitting on the girl, not having the girl hitting on me”, stammered a nervous Blaise.

“What, do you like me?”, Said Anna, eyes wide in surprise.

“I, uh, maybe? Yes?”, Blaise said, still fairly nervous.

Anna scooted back over, silently contemplating her entire existence. She never thought a member of the opposite sex would actually be interested in her, and now it was happening. Maybe this time they wouldn’t end up set on fire at any point in time…

After Anna realized she was spacing off, she cleared her throat and said, “Well, I should get home. And find out where my dad was all night. I’ll see you tomorrow or the next day?”

Blake blinked a few times. “That would depend. Is it a date or do you not realize tomorrow is Saturday?”

“Um, I didn’t realize tomorrow was Saturday, but if you want it to be a date then it can be a date”.

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