Kaito and Erika have their opponents but when it comes to love and loyalty you can't find it more true and pure but in them
But join them as the battle to get it that way


6. Surprise!

Kaito's Pov:

As I was walking to my next class and Mr Suzuki calls me down the hallway to my next class

"Mr Takahashi, Can I see you in my office please?"


"Because we need to have a chat now, please?" He jeasters to his office and I roll my eyes and walk into his office I sat in one of the chairs and I put my feet on his name tag and I look at him

"Kaito," He begins "I believe you and your parents have had a few disagreements this morning and she wants you to come home this afternoon,"

"What if we do? You really don't care, neither does my step-prick so what if I don't go home?"

"That is your decision,"

"Good Asahi, I have decided," 

I get up and leave slamming the door behind me and I walk away and I hear laughter from Reo, Sato and Sora Ito around to corner and then I realise I hear crying too and I walk around the corner and I see that girl who gave me on the floor and her skirt is lifted so you could see her panties 

"Omg! She wears strawberry panties what are you twelve?" Reo laughs to himself

"Stop please stop," She begs

"So what if she does?" I say walking towards her and holding a hand out to her

"Its funny, I bet you've had panties like that on your floor,"

"So what if I have," 

"Whatever," They walk off and I help her up and say

"Their assholes don't listen to them," I wipe her tears away and hug her 

"Thank you,"

"What's your name again?"

"Erika Suzuki,"


"Do you have problems with the work in class?"

"Maybe, Why?"

"Well if you do, I can help?"


"Because I can,"

"Why help me?"

"Do you want a high school degree?"


"Then let me help,"


"Here's my number call me when you want to start,"

She walks away and bows her head and then I notice she takes my heart with her and she doesn't even know it



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