Kaito and Erika have their opponents but when it comes to love and loyalty you can't find it more true and pure but in them
But join them as the battle to get it that way


4. School Again

Kaito's Pov:

"Are you getting up Kai?"


"Mother says you have too,"


"Mother says you two already had this conversation, now move it,"

"In a minute then,"


He hears his brother walk away from his closed door and then he hears his mother open the door and yells

"Get up right now young man! your father doesn't pay for your education for nothing, now move!"

She rips the covers off him and leaves and slams the door behind her, then I get up and struggle to get dressed and go downstairs for breakfast and my baby sister runs to me


Launches herself on me and hugs me with all her strength,

"Hey baby girl," I smile at her

"Is mummy angry at you?"

"No, she's not baby don't worry,"

"I don't like yous fighting,"

"We won't baby,"


"Bye guys,"

I get up and go to school 

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