Kaito and Erika have their opponents but when it comes to love and loyalty you can't find it more true and pure but in them
But join them as the battle to get it that way


5. Last year

Erika's Pov:

"Thanks papa for taking me to school,"

"Your welcome learn a lot and get those A's Erika,"

"I will papa, Have fun at work," I kiss my father on his cheek and leave and he drives off to work

I walk to my new class and i see a student that well i thought graduated last year but is back again this year and i sit in the seat next to him but don't talk to him because i don't even know his name and what his like so i ignore him and grab my book for this class which most likely to be Mathematics or history for I don't mind either of them the have some kind of...

"hey, you gotta pen spare?"

"of course I do, but unlike you I keep my things safe and don't loose them," I pass him the pen I was going to use and I reach into my homemade pencilcase and grab another one and keep my head down 

"you really don't get it clearly I haven't got anything apart for a timetable no school equipment so I'm sorry I bothered you for a pen,"

"Keep it you probably need it more that I do anyway so I'm sorry,"

"All good Erika I'm use to it,"

okay he said my name okay okay he did

"How do you know my name?"

"One its on your textbook and two your pretty to be one,"

"Pretty?" A complement too!

"Yea pretty,"

"And you are?"


"Hi Kaito," 

"Hi you too," he smiles and it all begins here and people will ask why would we bother?


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