Creative Writing - My Poetry

I've been studying Creative Writing as an A-Level for almost two years now and I've been able to write pieces that I'm proud of because of that. This is pretty much an anthology of all the poems that I've written as a class task or homework. I'm also going to make a Movella for my short pieces and coursework as separate stories. Hope you enjoy this!


4. The Law Concerning Fairies

I have established the law within myself

That fairies shall not be called dainty or sweet

For they are creatures which shouldn't be stereotyped by storybooks


Theoretically fairies are humans with wings

A cross-breed human and dragonfly if you will

There is no limitation to their colour, size or motives

They are simply people

With wings


They have the free will to kill

The free will to steal

To fight for what they feel


We stereotype them as magic beings that make nature work

But they can do anything

And will do anything

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