Creative Writing - My Poetry

I've been studying Creative Writing as an A-Level for almost two years now and I've been able to write pieces that I'm proud of because of that. This is pretty much an anthology of all the poems that I've written as a class task or homework. I'm also going to make a Movella for my short pieces and coursework as separate stories. Hope you enjoy this!


6. Sonnet

His skin is as brown as chocolate on the beach

He lights up the room with his eyes

His love seems so hard to reach

As if he belongs with the wise


He cares for children as if they are his own

His smile makes me melt beneath his gaze

I know he'll cheer me up if I'm alone

He leaves me in a light and delicate haze


His touch is enough to bring me down

His love can stop my breathing

A gift from him would spin my heart around

I pray he won't be leaving


A blissful tease he has to be

I really wish he wanted me

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