Creative Writing - My Poetry

I've been studying Creative Writing as an A-Level for almost two years now and I've been able to write pieces that I'm proud of because of that. This is pretty much an anthology of all the poems that I've written as a class task or homework. I'm also going to make a Movella for my short pieces and coursework as separate stories. Hope you enjoy this!


5. Picture Perfect Smile

My eyes never stop staring

At the 28 white tools that line the inside of my mouth

Their story stares back at me


Years ago, four years to be exact

They were perfect

They rested one beside the other

And made my smile beautiful

But hid their pain


They covered up a deformed jaw 

Fallen behind in the race of growth

They did all they could to cover it

Pushed themselves back


Depleted their strength

All in the attempt to keep that smile beautiful


Through determination to stay together

They tore themselves apart


Now I stare at the 28 white tools

That wait for orthodontic treatment

For a condition caused by waiting too long

And attempting to replace itself


Now everything has to be broken

For everything to be fixed



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