Creative Writing - My Poetry

I've been studying Creative Writing as an A-Level for almost two years now and I've been able to write pieces that I'm proud of because of that. This is pretty much an anthology of all the poems that I've written as a class task or homework. I'm also going to make a Movella for my short pieces and coursework as separate stories. Hope you enjoy this!


3. My Floral Notebook

My floral notebook

Means a lot to me

It captures my collection of thoughts

That one dream that never wants to leave

It shows the effects of moving about but most importantly

It represents an unsung hero

Not that you would think she is a hero

She's a Spanish teacher that works in a run down school

But that Spanish teacher holds more value than any other person in that prison

And if you saw her in action. doing everything for everyone

You would understand why she deserves this story

Intertwined with my creations

The creation that I'm writing and will share

The creation that the world would have to see before they cared

I don't know if there's anything more

But that's what my floral notebook is for

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