Creative Writing - My Poetry

I've been studying Creative Writing as an A-Level for almost two years now and I've been able to write pieces that I'm proud of because of that. This is pretty much an anthology of all the poems that I've written as a class task or homework. I'm also going to make a Movella for my short pieces and coursework as separate stories. Hope you enjoy this!


1. I'm going to make you Happy again

Is it weird to say that I was just concerned,

That I sat with you that break and you didn't cry,

Or frown,

And you didn't smile?

I couldn't help but feel the silence.

Your silence.

As the troublemakers stomped out of the room,

Leaving it a mess,

Not learning anything.

I only wanted to talk about the work we didn't cover,

Which of course was everything.

And despite your yelling and serious voice they never understood that you wanted them to learn.

That you care.

When Ms Sealy came and you told me to stay put I felt responsible,

Even though it wasn't my fault that they didn't listen.

I wondered what I could do to change them.

To make them see that they were upsetting you.

Them I remembered that I was powerless.

That I could never change them.

They simply do not care.

They don't know respect.

They could never change.

Then I saw the tears rolling down your cheeks,

And my determination became stronger than ever.

I wasn't going to let the greatest teacher I've ever know be broken or bruised

By stupid children who have no idea they're ruining their own lives.

I didn't know how.

I didn't know when.

But I was going to change things.

I am going to make you happy again!

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