Just a story I wrote once when I was feeling sad; I imagined a mad girl finally finding freedom - and a girl called Anna.


1. Anna

I was always a shadowed person, preferring to steer clear of any signs of light. I lived in an asylum and, of course, I hated it there. 

I did, however, have one solace: Anna. She visited me in my dreams and put light in my life, arching that light to make a beautiful rainbow. Anna was my candle, my light in thoes times when the blindfolds went on, when every sound became distorted into something monstrous and thoes voices came back. Thoes terrible creepy voices that came out at random intervals of the day; oh, how I hated them. Anna made them go away. I loved Anna. She was always there, always, as long as something shiny was around. Then, me and her would reflect in it together, her dark, straight locks stark against my limp, mouse ones. When we were together, we shone like the brightest of stars. 

I tried to tell people about Anna, the way she made me feel, but no one listened. They told me I was sick and locked me up. Without anything shiny. Not wven a little button.

Sure enough, my world went grey. Grey as stone and I only saw Anna when I slept. So, I tried to sleep. 

The trouble was, I could never sleep. Never ever. There was one was out, only one. And I took it, took it to see Anna. And the world was light again. 

But my sight, however, was black, as were my thoughts and everything. I wasn't earthbound anymore. They gave my room to another girl. I think her name was Mary. She escaped, too. So did the girls after that, and the boy after them. We were free. Free of the world and its terrible burdens for good.

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