The unknown unicorn

When a secret land found a world of real things it, battled a war of Humana unfit, for made up things a puzzle solved the dream with unicorn so special it can make wishes come true who finds the unicorn..
It was unknown


Author's note

, recreation of the unicorn

7. The unicorn and the proffeosor..

oneday it seemed that the real things were just one love birds lead the true fantasy of magic in their eyes they saw the beings and the heals of a waiting time, a unicorn stood out and the world existed with realism for some thousands of years, yet forgotten the clouds and atmosphere shifted but real life ca,e within the imaginatiom of a man that once saw the unicorn as a horse pony inthe land she was an artist and he began to see art as real he focus on true art till oneday he saw true art. It be drams in there nothing day out no unicorn no nothing his creature had no life till he saw dreams and Ondeay it was that the dreams were within the beliefs his waiting and per elegance paid oof.

He became unicorn and strived the land he be one but perhaps this is what he wanted.

Many he see past unicorn that was led to the great island of many waters withing the last garden the time was that he was, fairytales came back, and the unicorn came into the dreams of many villagers were begining to believe the old tales were coming back untill his fate he stated to see a dream and a lost figure.

He be in the presence of the new age, sometime brought back, he love anyone, and saw a graet and wonderful future ahead, somehow it was in the unicorn itself, it was never promised but hoped for.

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