The unknown unicorn

When a secret land found a world of real things it, battled a war of Humana unfit, for made up things a puzzle solved the dream with unicorn so special it can make wishes come true who finds the unicorn..
It was unknown


Author's note

, recreation of the unicorn

4. The old tales of unicorns

?it was always said that unicorns posses some magical powers and there mighty wings of great true inspirations. The unicorn was very real, it once existed and if it was just made up then whats real anyways"

Ever since the fountain of youth or theory of any existence was not really believed of proof, yet it was wishes that made are dreams seem or future we always promised that we would one day  get young perhaps old was evryone the true magic existed in real beliefs years and years ago the fountain of youth was thought of but it probbaly thought of yet it existed.

The earth probably was doubted by many myths or things that lead to real things many Hingis it took al long time for the magic to wear down but since the beginning of time it was coming back, and since sightings of the unicorn it was the magic that now existed but could this be really rue or just a prank.

The mind was working overtime and the sightings were real on the land, yet the unicorn was hiding many knew it was made up but half thought of it balanced imagination, but it never was, thought of till years latter when the sightings were near at pond east of a island, this island was somehow mysterious as where it once was, it was perhaps forgotten in the middle of the past and future.

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