The unknown unicorn

When a secret land found a world of real things it, battled a war of Humana unfit, for made up things a puzzle solved the dream with unicorn so special it can make wishes come true who finds the unicorn..
It was unknown


Author's note

, recreation of the unicorn

8. The islands of unicorn warrior

the land was seemed the proffeosor got there and the many great takes started to get puzzled slowly but somehow, the beliefs of unicorns started to come back and the many and graet traesures that were in the great and wonderful missing good, 


The unicorn came back in an image of dreams stil it lay withing the msyt of real and unreal means, it sorta persisted i the takes the professor wanted more in his journey to teach his students hiw the unicorn once was real it was somehow that Thhe doinngim in the spfiarytale itself was existent but how would it be on the island it sunk down why once was it thought florid had the fountain of youth? It probably was concluded as that, but somehow.

The real fountain was mysterious as water was hiden everywhere and the graet waterways had many ways. The proffeosor came to many conclusions and the students found many other conclusions to Thier myths and it came that this proffesoorm saw a unicorn he didn't actually untill under the cave a dark beutiful black winged unicorn spilled out.

This startled the student and the many belifs they once didn't and now the unicorn was in half their memory's would they fade or ne kept in the future.

The caves were shallw and the only way the proffeosor could find the true and awesom 

Unicorn was to track its many journey past and dust of the Mao and the youth water.

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