The unknown unicorn

When a secret land found a world of real things it, battled a war of Humana unfit, for made up things a puzzle solved the dream with unicorn so special it can make wishes come true who finds the unicorn..
It was unknown


Author's note

, recreation of the unicorn

6. Real became real the Sequal Twent five chapters

the woods were calming and the earth seemed full of great and wonderful journeys and times and many wondered if the way the rainbows that rained once lay in the truth, however the many and exiting takes once belived by the proffeosor a man who led his town to believe in the unimaginable, was not selling.

Somehow make belive seemed to not exist if it wasn't seem it perhaps faded i humans 

The past was kng long ago and the only one back then was unicorn and a man known as deep legs he be fish and ape and then bird and then lizard to caveman he became many he cycled into the very mammal he was till he was fish again, he proved that beings evilotiinized in own way magic he was laprachaun he be, he was the start of some creations.

He oneday created the pet unicorn and became man, yet he coudnt find true love until oneday magically he found a special oet a snake and a bird that took freind he be with all animals and created a magical garden the world was outside this and the it had many detentions beside but the soul stood only one way it never moved.

The the irony was that the water created youth and since it decided it  to fate that nonsense isn't real untill proven and the great story made earth come true, then years came and more takes, evolution formed many more bizarre and great creatures.

The fantasy toook creations and made human they once were stones of earth they were once dirt one a ground and the bacteria that created life started to make kind of human that could survive the earth. Then many cycles still prevailed earth had many stories and fate lay within.

Yet proovoing even some of this was bizzare.


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