The unknown unicorn

When a secret land found a world of real things it, battled a war of Humana unfit, for made up things a puzzle solved the dream with unicorn so special it can make wishes come true who finds the unicorn..
It was unknown


Author's note

, recreation of the unicorn

11. On a fairytale

things seemed surreal, many pondered about the unicorns and their surroundings if many knew of this unicorn, it's magic and great mighty powers were suddenly, in the mist of a fountain far far, in time perhaps very far, and the island that carried the past. It seemed the stories of old fairytales brought new meaning to the past story of unicorn and the wishes they portray.

The only map that unicorn s see, are the very maps that hide their treasures, in the map the proffesoor found a unicorn and short man stubby in the picture it was landing a fountain too deep to see unearthed and impossible to get to, and somehow the story that was hiding this youth fountain was stil secretly hidden for reason of fate past.

The among the unicorns that earthed from one fate lead to a very distinctive and very old unicorn from the last fairytale it was one beast that was half dreamed of man and unicorn feet, perhaps the dreams made up still existed somewhat.

The professor didn't give up in his journey to find the fountain and the unicorn and bring it back for a, youthful and meaningful amount of wishes, yet was the real world ready, for such amount of youth of dreams and fantasy?

Perhaps learning about the past could bring better taste back, and finding the oldest laprachaun to unearth this fairytale was, to be known perhaps he still existed in dreams and many takes written in accounts of their imaginations that once lived.

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