Just a girl

We are all just people, we all are suffering and in pain, some just are better at hiding it. People are losing their children, spouses, family, and their friends. because of what? Suicide, Depression. We are given time in this world to live our lives, not give up when our lives have barely began. We could change it, we could end it all, if we just give them the kindness and love they need. We are all just people, and so are they.


1. How it all starts

        Yes, it is not always easy to deal with bullies or people who hurt us, sometimes it is even hard for me. You want to run and hide and not go back to school or work depending on where the problem is, but it can not be that way. Although it is hard to deal with the struggle of being laughed at or picked on, you should not result to cutting yourself, because they will stay there as a scar and if you live through it, when you look in the mirror, you are going to see the person you were before and you are going to remember all the pain you were put through. The memories are not going to go away, they are going to stay there as long as they can just to tear you apart. It will get better, they might just go away, depending on how deep you cut yourself, but that is not an excuse. Most of our depression begins because of bullying or because of a guy who hurt us. They are not worth it though, if they can not give us the time of day then they are just not worth it. We need to open our eyes and just see that some people are not worth dying for,  our lives should not have to end just because some people can not get over their own jealously and insecurities. They can start it, but it is our job to end it.

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