Just a girl

We are all just people, we all are suffering and in pain, some just are better at hiding it. People are losing their children, spouses, family, and their friends. because of what? Suicide, Depression. We are given time in this world to live our lives, not give up when our lives have barely began. We could change it, we could end it all, if we just give them the kindness and love they need. We are all just people, and so are they.


2. Depression

         Inside of all of us there are insecurities no matter how hard we try to hide it, it is still there. We all have pain, we all have suffering, but it is how we deal with it that really matters. Depression, one powerful word, impacts us, it magnifies our pain and hurt. We are full of sadness, but that does not mean that depression is the word for our emotions, and it is not a reason for suicide. These days people are dying, they are killing themselves because of their self belief that they do not want to live and that they are depressed. When people kill themselves they are not thinking about the effect on the people they love and care about, when they are gone their family suffers and become depressed it is one sick chain. Someone who is depressed, when they follow through and end their life with no explanation given, it gives more people a reason to become depressed and then people keep dying, more lives are lost. But here's the thing we can end it all, we can break the chain, we can reach out and be kind to everyone. We can change someone's life for the better if we just give the the time of day.

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