Just a girl

We are all just people, we all are suffering and in pain, some just are better at hiding it. People are losing their children, spouses, family, and their friends. because of what? Suicide, Depression. We are given time in this world to live our lives, not give up when our lives have barely began. We could change it, we could end it all, if we just give them the kindness and love they need. We are all just people, and so are they.


3. Change

                It can be hard to tell when someone needs help, but we need to look hard and pay attention. We can find the people who are in pain and suffering from depression and we can help them and save their life and their family from suffering. We can change. I know what you are all still thinking, "how can I change this, I'm one person?" The answer is simple, kindness, love, courage, all of these can help change. Change, a word? or an action? To us we mourn and move on as well as we are able, but here is a challenge instead of the normal routine of shock, sadness, confusion, and acceptance, you go and search for someone afraid and alone and you be their friend, be there for them. There was a boy and he was being bullied and he was on his way home to kill himself and he was carrying all of his books and then he dropped his books on accident and sat there picking them up looking alike an idiot and a kid from his school came up to him and helped him with his books and then they became good friends and he did not kill himself, at the end of his high school experience at his graduation, he was valedictorian and gave a speech and in that speech he told the story about he was going to end his life but did not follow through because of his friend who had no idea. We can follow this and do the same and be that persons friend.

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