gone [yoonmin]

After a string of disappearances, including his very own best friend, Park Jimin starts to suspect that the boy of his dreams isn't who he thinks he is.


Author's note

This is MY story. It was originally posted on my wattpad @cishamollins. However, to expand my audience, I decided to post it on here.

2. two

Jimin didn't hear from Yoongi until four p.m. the next day. Jimin hadn't gone to work like he was supposed to because Taehyung wasn't going to be there. He thought it was some kind of sick joke at first but after hundreds of texts and calls to both Taehyung's phone and any family he has nearby, Jimin knew Taehyung was missing.

Jimin was crying in bed, curled up against his pillow when there was a knock on his apartment door. After a moment, Jimin forced himself out of bed and shuffled to the door before glancing through the peephole to spot a familiar trace of mint hair and black leather. He opened the door and was immediately greeted by Yoongi's frown.

"Hey, baby. I heard about Taehyung, so I'd thought I'd stop by to comfort you," Yoongi said softly before walking into the apartment and wrapping his arms around the shorter. Jimin sobbed into his shoulder, covering the leather in snot and tears.

"I-I'm so worried, Yoongi," sobbed the younger, "I-I didn't expect him to be one the news about something he was so worried about and--"

"Baby, hey. Calm down," Yoongi cooed, swaying his boyfriend side to side in comfort, "It's gonna be okay. He's gonna be okay, I'm sure."

Jimin wiped his eyes and backed away from his boyfriend. He sniffled and looked down at his feet nervously before looking back up at Yoongi. "I-I'm sorry about yesterday. You were right. It is your body. You can get as many tattoos or smoke as many cigarettes as you want," he mumbled, crossing his arms over his chest, "Just don't smoke those awful things near me, and just tell me when you get another tattoo, okay?"

"Yes, Mom," Yoongi laughed, rolling his eyes before walking forward and claiming Jimin's lips in a soft kiss.

Jimin was very traditional when it came to relationships. Jimin believed sex was sacred and deeply felt his first time should be with someone he truly cared about and loved and that it happened at the right moment. He wouldn't even let Yoongi kiss him until after the first date. Six months later and the closest thing to sex Yoongi's had is the occasional tongue Jimin lets slide in his mouth when he knows the older's had a rough day.

Jimin smiled at his boyfriend fondly and tried to lead him to the couch to maybe cuddle for a minute but Yoongi stopped him.

"I gotta go run some errands before work. I just wanted to check up on you," Yoongi told him, tilting Jimin's head up and kissing his forehead, "I'll stop by after work, okay?"

Jimin pouted but nodded anyway. Yoongi kissed him one last time before leaving Jimin alone in his own apartment. Jimin wiped at his tear-stained cheeks and sat on his couch. He refused to go on the internet at all at the moment because he knows all he'll see is Taehyung and the theories on what could be happening. He was already hurting enough.

Jimin wished he could've gone with Yoongi just to avoid thinking about the whole situation, but Yoongi was very private. In fact, Jimin has never been to Yoongi's apartment, and he has never met any of Yoongi's friends. The only thing Jimin is certain of is that Yoongi works at an auto shop out of town. He hasn't even been there either. 

Jimin didn't like to be alone while he was upset, so he called his mom.

The rest of the morning consisted of a long conversation with his mother. When she had to hang up to go pick up his father, Jimin was alone once again. He decided to take a shower. As he sadly shuffled to the bathroom, a knock startled him.

Curiously, he walked to the door. He stood on his tippy toes to look into the peephole. When he saw the familiar uniforms, he nervously opened the door.

"Are you Park Jimin?" the first police officer spoke. He was tall, taller than Jimin--almost everyone was-- but the other was about Jimin's height and he was holding a notepad.

"Yes, I am. What's goin' on, officer-nim?" Jimin asked as he eyed the other officer, who was now jotting something down on the notepad.

"May we come in?" the officer asked and Jimin stepped back, allowing room for the two officials. Jimin shut the door behind them. Jimin noticed the Missing poster tucked underneath the other officer's arm.

"Is this about Taehyung?" Jimin all but whispered, wrapping his arms around himself and looking up at the other.

"We just wanted to ask you a few questions. Through records, we found that he worked with you," the other officer explained, "You may have been the last person to see him."

Jimin was about to protest when the taller officer interjected, "Now, we're not accusing you of anything. We just need to know if Taehyung had any enemies or anyone who had any conflict with him."

Jimin frowned, looking down at the floor in thought. He tried to think of anyone who didn't like Taehyung. He didn't think it was possible to dislike Taehyung. The boy could put a smile on anyone's face. He looked back up at the officers.

"No, no. Taehyung was a literal sweetheart. I can't think of anyone who would want to hurt him," Jimin explained, heart aching at the thought of Taehyung being hurt.

"You always work with a man named Kim Namjoon, is that correct?" The shorter officer stated as he looked up from his notepad.

Jimin nodded, shuffling nervously. He wasn't a big fan of police officers.

"Tell me about him," the taller officer demanded softly, his eyes seeming to stare into Jimin's soul.

"Namjoon-hyung's harmless. He's this big, shy, playful guy. He keeps to himself a lot, but he's a really good listener. I don't really know much about him other than that, but I highly doubt he has something to do with this," Jimin explained, voice shaky.

"Thank you. You're doing well, Jimin-ssi," the shorter officer explained before jotting down the notes, must sensing Jimin's grieving state.

"Does he have any family nearby or any other friends in the Seoul area?" the taller officer asked as the shorter scribbled things down on his notepad.

"His sister lives in Incheon, but the rest of his family is back in Daegu. He's never mentioned having any other friends, though," Jimin responded, playing with the sleeves of his sweater before he remembered something, "Wait! He knew one of the other missing boys, that  Jeongguk kid." 

The officers raised their eyebrows in confusion. "Were they close?" the shorter officer asked.

"Yeah, they dated back in high school," Jimin answered with a nod of his head.

"Did Taehyung know the other missing victim?" the older officer asked, "Kim Seokjin." At that, the shorter officer pulled out a Missing poster of the other victim, but Jimin shook his head. 

"He never mentioned him," Jimin told them. 

The shorter officer wrote something down once more before they smiled at Jimin. "Thank you, Jimin, for your time."

As Jimin opened the door to lead them out, he whispered, "Please find him."

"We'll do our best," the taller officer promised and with that, they were gone. Jimin felt like crying, so he called Yoongi. Unsurprisingly, it went straight to voicemail.


Call me when you get off work please. Police came by and I just want you.

He decided a nap would be refreshing, so he marched to his bedroom, leaving his phone in the living room so he wasn't tempted to go online. He didn't want to see the hundreds of stories and articles about his missing best friend. He just wanted him home.


Taehyung whimpered, the cold, marble floor becoming unbearable for his bare thighs. They had stripped him, left him in nothing but his tee-shirt and boxers. 

It was so fucking cold, he shuddered and the chains rattled with the movement. He turned his head to the unconscious figure next to him, chained up as well.

"Jeongguk!" Taehyung whispered harshly and got no response. He noticed the bruising and swelling of his face and a thick piece of duct tape on his lips and bit back a gasp. His heart ached at the sight of Jin's empty chains. One of them had dragged him upstairs a long time ago. The screaming of "No! Stop!" coming from him earlier were not good. He knew what the maniac was doing to the poor man. He then heard shuffling above him, glass breaking, a light shout from Jin.

"You can't keep fucking doing this!" A male voice yelled, muffled.

A deeper male voice replied, "You can't control what you don't understand, hyung."

Taehyung shouted, "Hey, you bastards! Let me go!" And it got really quiet upstairs. Suddenly, a door was being opened, and loud footsteps were getting closer. A tall man with a ski mask came marching towards him and slapped him across the face. The other guy slipped behind the other, coming up to handcuff Jin back in his spot. His clothes were torn and his face had scratches. 

"You're a fucking fighter, aren't you?" It was the man with the deep voice. Taehyung admired the scratches on his arms and neck from when he fought back when he got abducted off the street.

Instead of replying, Taehyung spat right in his face and the man growled and was about to attack Taehyung once more when the other man, who was quite shorter than the other, held him back and whispered, "Stop. Don't make this worse."

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