gone [yoonmin]

After a string of disappearances, including his very own best friend, Park Jimin starts to suspect that the boy of his dreams isn't who he thinks he is.


Author's note

This is MY story. It was originally posted on my wattpad @cishamollins. However, to expand my audience, I decided to post it on here.

1. one

Park Jimin was a twenty-two-year-old college student. He was taking international classes online. He was practically a genius yet he was stupidly in love when it came to Min Yoongi.  

The latter was hardly an inch taller than Jimin, but it wasn't something you would pay attention to. The first thing everyone seems to notice about Min Yoongi is his strange fashion sense. He wore dark clothes and his eyes were always covered by dark Ray Bans. It wasn't so strange to see someone in all-black per se, it was the fact that he and Jimin were so different. They were the only reason people didn't call bullshit on the whole "opposites attract" storylines.

Park Jimin was a bright boy, not just intellectually, but through his clothing and the way he spoke. Practically everyone was smitten for the boy, but they all knew just who he belonged to, so no one dared to make a move. Yoongi was frightening, according to rumors. Jimin saw past those rumors, however, and opted for getting to know Yoongi himself instead of listening to silly rumors probably created out of envy.

Now, Jimin didn't know everything about his boyfriend. They've only been together for six months, and in his opinion, it wasn't enough time to learn everything about the other. Though, he knew Yoongi liked to keep to himself, so Jimin didn't push.


It was a rainy Friday in January. The temperatures were finally above freezing and Jimin didn't need to worry about the ice making his walk to work more difficult. He wrapped his large parka around his tiny frame and yanked his hood over his head as he walked his usual route to the bookstore where he spent most of his time at--besides at home and on his laptop, taking his American college courses. 

Just then, he heard the soft murmurs of two women ahead. There were sitting in lawn chairs underneath the safety of their front patio. "I heard another disappearance happened last night."

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows as he walked closer, trying hard not to eavesdrop.

"Oh, really? Was it another boy?" the other female spoke softly, sipping at her mug.

"Yes. Around the same age, too. Poor boys," the first lady answered and as Jimin walked past their patio, he saw her shake her head out of the corner of his eye, "The police have hardly done anything to find the other missing boy. I really hope they do something about this one." 

Jimin huffed as the women's conversation became fainter and fainter the farther he walked, and Jimin contemplated calling Yoongi just to see if he was okay. He knew he would be. Yoongi was tough and had no trouble taking care of himself. Instead, he carried on, crossing the almost-deserted street. 

When he arrived at the bookstore, Taehyung was already there with another employee of theirs, Namjoon. Taehyung was unlocking the door when Namjoon turned his head at the sound of Jimin's bright blue rainboots splashing into a large puddle.

"Hey, Jimin-ah," Namjoon greeted, a smile on his face.

"Hey, Namjoon-hyung," Jimin greeted as he watched Taehyung.

"Jiminie-hyung!" Taehyung called, his usual boxy grin on his face as he pulled the older into a hug before leading him into the dry building. 

"Hey, Tae. How'd you sleep?" Jimin asked sweetly, following the younger and Namjoon to the counter. 

"Oh, horrible! I watched the news before bed--terrible idea, by the way!-- and another boy went missing last night! Remember that Jeongguk boy I mentioned--the one I went to school with--he's gone! " Taehyung cried out as he sat on the stool and buried his face in his hands.

Jimin frowned and hurried over to comfort his closest friend. He placed a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry. Do they have any idea of who's doing this?" 

Taehyung ran a hand through his brunette hair and he looked up sadly at Jimin before shrugging. "Whoever it is, they are really good at covering their tracks." 

Jimin always knew how to stay optimistic. "I'm sure they'll find him, TaeTae. Don't worry."

Taehyung looked up and smiled at Jimin. "I sure hope so."


The day went by really slow. Jimin was so busy that he never got the chance to text Yoongi good morning (or afternoon considering his boyfriend always slept in). He was surprised to see Yoongi walk up to the counter Jimin was working behind. He was in his usual, all-black attire with his signature leather jacket wrapped around his scrawny frame. Namjoon was behind the counter with him. While Jimin had his back turned, organizing some of the books that were supposed to be placed on shelves in the near future, he heard the older clear his throat. 

"Uh, can I help you?" Namjoon asked, and Jimin spun around. It was Yoongi.

Yoongi only glanced at Namjoon before greeting with a "Hey, Jimin-ah." His voice was raspy as if he hadn't spoken all day. It was barely three anyway, so he probably hadn't been up for too long.

"Hi, honey. What are you doing here?" Jimin grinned, leaning over the counter to press his lips against his boyfriend's. He pretended Taehyung was not gagging from the other side of the store.

"Was on my way to work, so I thought I'd stop by and tell you 'good morning,'" Yoongi answered softly before his tongue darted out to lick his lips. Jimin was aware of Yoongi's tongue piercing, but the dagger tattoo on Yoongi's right middle finger that stretched to his wrist was something Jimin had never seen before. 

"Yah, hyung!" Jimin called out as he grabbed his boyfriend's wrist to see the fresh ink better, "When did you get this?" Jimin glared at the ink before looking up at the older. 

"Last week," he groaned under his breath, jerking his arm away and putting his hand in his leather jacket's pocket, "Before you even mention it, I didn't show you because I knew you'd say something like 'hyung, you know that's permanent,' or 'hyung, you'll never get a proper career with that disgusting thing showing--" Yoongi's voice went two octaves higher to mimic Jimin's tone to further prove his point. He furrowed his eyebrows in anger. "You always fuckin' get like this, Jimin, when it's my goddamn body!"

Jimin flinched at Yoongi's use of swears. Jimin was never comfortable with such language, Yoongi knew that. Taehyung sensed his discomfort and came to the rescue. "Yoongi-hyung, I think you should leave. This really isn't the place to settle this." The youngest of the three gestured to the scattered customers around the store, who were now staring intently at the pair at the counter.

Yoongi huffed before storming out of the store and when Taehyung smiled at Jimin in comfort, Jimin just shrugged. "He gets like that. His temper gets pretty out-of-wack sometimes."

"'Sometimes' is an understatement and you know it," Taehyung told him, only partially joking, and Jimin shoved him playfully.

Around six, Taehyung shooed Jimin out of the bookstore. Namjoon had left about two hours before, so it was only him and Taehyung. "Go fix things with your boyfriend. I'll finish up here," he told him, and with one last "Are you sure?" Taehyung finally got the older boy to leave before he had to walk the three miles back to his apartment in the dark.

When Jimin got home, the first thing he did was call Yoongi but it went straight to voicemail, so he just sent him a text.


Hey, hyung. Whenever you get off, please stop by. Im really sorry about earlier.

Jimin threw his phone onto his bed before making his way to the living room where his laptop was stored. He decided to go ahead and type of his essay because even though, it was late in Seoul, it wasn't in Los Angeles. 

About three hours later when he was halfway through the rough draft, he got distracted by a news report that popped up about the recent disappearances happening. He clicked the link and it sent him to a video posted on the news' website. The thumbnail was of the anchor with his mouth wide open in what Jimin would find hilarious if it wasn't for the picture of the missing boy everyone was talking about. He plugged his headphones in and hit play.

"We have breaking news here on Seoul Channel Nine. A twenty-year-old by the name of Jeon Jeongguk has been reported missing since eight this morning. The police claim they are doing everything they can to find him, and the other two boys who have been missing since last month--"

Pictures of the recent boy and the other missing boy suddenly flashed on the screen, their names underneath. The first boy to go missing was a name Jimin was familiar with. Twenty-five-year-old named Kim Seokjin was last seen walking home on a cold, December night but hasn't been seen since. There was another boy rumored to be missing as well, but that hasn't been confirmed. Jimin bit his lip. He only recognized Jeongguk's name by the stories Taehyung told him. He and Jeongguk were once a thing in high school but they both wanted different things, so they--mostly being Jeongguk who was afraid of being known as "gay"--mutually ended it and stayed really good friends. He couldn't imagine how upset Taehyung was over this. 

Jimin looked at the clock at the bottom of his screen, It was already ten-forty, so Jimin decided to get off the internet and eat something. Stomach full of ramen, Jimin headed to his room and sighed sadly when he checked his phone and saw that Yoongi hadn't even read his text. Feeling a pang of sadness run through him, he plugged his phone up and set it on the nightstand. He curled himself up in his mattress, snuggled his pillow, and drifted off to sleep.


Jimin was awoken several hours later to the sound of his phone vibrating erratically against the hard surface of his nightstand. Groggily, he sat up and stared at the screen. 



Furrowing his eyebrows, Jimin decides to open the news app on his phone and luckily, something was already posted, but it wasn't what he expected.


Jimin's heart dropped.

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