Lost in a Dream

Ashley is 20 years old, about 5'5, curvy but not over weight, long jet black hair and bright sky blue eyes. Jake is 21, 5'8, average build short brown hair with warm brown eyes.


1. Introduction

It's a bright sunny day in Altoona, Iowa, I step onto the deck of the house and overlook our backyard with a small above ground pool and the tiny hot tub that's only big enough to fit 3-4 people.

"Ashley!! Dinner is ready come inside honey!!" my mother calls in from the kitchen.

I take one last glance at the view and walk back into the dining room where my mother is setting our plates on the table.

"What are we having?" I ask, tummy grumbling.

"Homemade baked mac n' cheese your favorite." mom smiles and winks at me as she sets the huge glass bowl of it in the center of the table. 

I walk eagerly to the table and sit down and wait for my brother to join us from up in his room. 

"Tony get down here dinner is ready!" my father bellows up the stairs. 

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