In This City

Luke and McKinley both move to LA for their jobs but Luke broke up with McKinley not knowing that she would also be moving to LA. Will their love survive a different city?


1. Chapter 1




After seeing Luke in the lobby of my apartment building, I panicked and ran. How could it be that of all of the apartment buildings that Luke could have moved into, he moved into this one?

My life 100% changed once luke left. I missed him. I so badly wanted to talk to him everyday but he never called and there was no way I was going to be calling him. It has been months since he moved out here and I haven't slept with a single person. Not one. Clearly I was a changed person from what I used to be.

If I was in high school I would have already been sleeping with someone else. Luke changed who I was as a person. Going through that breakup was the hardest thing I've ever had to go through and I wish it didn't end the way it did.

I never wish that type of pain on anyone. Losing someone you love is the worst thing in the world. I've lost people to death before and that was hard but this is harder because Luke was still alive. There was nothing stopping me from seeing him again besides distance. And that sucked.

I snuck into the apartment building quietly praying to God that Luke wouldn't be there. I sighed as I got in the elevator without seeing him. I then nearly ran to unlock my apartment and get inside locking it. I slide down the wall sighing as the cat came over.

"Holy shit." I had been panicked all day thinking of him waiting by the front door for me. I stood up and quickly grabbing my stuff going to the kitchen to make dinner.

There was a knock at my apartment door and I right away somehow knew that it was going to be luke.

"Who is it?" I shouted not opening it yet.

"Ashton!" He shouted and I opened the door and he was standing there smiling. "Hi!" I giggled as I let him him and hugged him.

"Hi! How are you?" I asked and he shrugged. "How's Calum and Michael?" I questioned.

"How come you didn't ask about Luke?"

"Cause I saw him this morning." I breathed in deep. "He looked good." I commented offering him a drink. "Wanna stay for dinner? I'm gonna make tacos." I smiled.

"Sure!" He smiled as we both went to the kitchen and he sat at the island. "Remember that time you got super drunk during taco Tuesday?" He asked and I laughed.

"I remember everyone laughing at me the next day."

"He misses you." He blurted after a few minutes making me sigh.

"Then why didn't he call?" I asked added the taco flavoring to the meat.

"He thought it would be easier for both of you to move on if he didn't call." He commented. "If he knew you would be moving out here too he would not have broken up with you."

"I didn't know I was moving out here. If I did I would have followed him for sure." I smiled cutting up the other things we would need for our meal. "Does he ever talk about me?" I questioned.

"All the time." He commented. "You're the love of his life." I looked at him. "He had every intention of being with you for the rest of your lives. Some things just got in the way. It's not his fault."

"I know. And I feel like shit for asking him to stay there with me."

"Hey, anyone would ask that. That's a normal thing to ask." I got him two tacos and set the plate in front of him before I got some for myself and sat beside him. We were quiet as we ate. "What are you thinking about?" He asked.

"Has he been with anyone since me?" I questioned and he stayed quiet. "Really?" I asked and he nodded his head.

"He's with someone right now. Not sure if it's a serious relationship but he's taken her on a few dates." I nodded listening to him talk. "I mean, we all live together, he hasn't taken her back to the place yet so..." He trailed off and finished eating before getting up and getting himself more. "Have you been with anyone since him?"

"No. I tried but I couldn't bring myself to sleep with anyone else. I felt like I was cheating on him. As crazy as it sounds." He shook his head.

"Not crazy."

"You've felt the same?"

"Of course I have." It felt nice knowing that Ashton was a mutual party and that if I ever needed anything I could call him and he would come and help me out. I could also get the inside scoop on Luke.

"How have you been? Since moving out here? Do you like it?"

"Yeah. It's nice." He shrugged. "It will never be home." I nodded my head. I knew exactly what he meant. It was hard moving from a place that you've known for years into a new place. I still got lost trying to get to my office.

"How did Bryana handle you moving?" I asked. Ashton and Bryana had only been together for a few months but it had to be difficult.

"She was fine with it." He shrugged. "I still check in on her every so often but she moved on." He answered. "I should do the same."

"You still like her?" I asked putting my dishes in the dishwasher and pulling out a bottle of wine pouring myself a glass.

"Well, don't you still like Luke?" I narrowed my eyes at him.

"I was with Luke for like a year and 5 months."

"People can still fall in love even if they only dated for a few months." I guess he was right. It happened with a lot of people. A lot of people fell in love within weeks of knowing each other and we were married until the day they died.

"I guess you're right." I commented. His phone started to ring and he pulled it out of pocket and answered the Facetime call.

"Hey, Cal." He smiled.

"Where are you?" Calum asked back.

"At a girls place." Ashton smirked making me roll my eyes and giggle.

"A girl? What girl?" Calum asked and suddenly he gasped. "McKinley!" He shouted. I waved even though I couldn't see him. "What are you guys doing? Where are you?!" He shouted.

"We're at my apartment." I commented.

"Where?" I gave him the address and he was thinking. "You live in the same apartment building as us?" I nodded giggling. The front door opened and it felt nice that Calum was still comfortable enough with me to just walk into my apartment. "You're real." He commented standing in front of me.

"I'm real." I giggled. "How have you been?"

"Good. It's so good to see you. What are you doing here?" He questioned.

"I was moved here for work. Promoted to boss of all the workers." I smiled. We sat around talking for awhile, just catching up. It was nice having them around.


I had been distracted all day at work and all night during my date. It's alarming when your ex-girlfriend suddenly shows up in your apartment building and then takes off out the door. I had no idea what she was doing here but she shouldn't have followed me here.

"Are you okay?" My date, Kendall questioned. I had been staring at my drink for the last five minutes but her question made me look up to her face. She was looking at me with her innocent brown eyes and her dark brown hair and I just couldn't bring myself to tell her how insane I had felt all day.

"I'm fine." I smiled moving the straw in my drink around before lightly hitting the table; getting impatient with our waiter who was taking forever to bring our food to us.

"You don't look fine." She commented as she set her wine glass down. I started to respond but our waiter thought it would be a perfect time to place our meals in front of us. I wanted to run out of the place but I didn't want to embarrass her.

"I've just had a long day." I commented as I started to eat.

We ate pretty quickly and then we headed to my car so that I could drop her off at her place. We had only been on a few dates.

"Do you want to come in?" She asked unbuckling herself and getting ready to get out of the car.

"Not tonight." I commented. "I'm pretty tired." I half smiled at her. "I'm sorry." She sighed from her seat and opened the door and stood outside.

"I get the point. We don't have to keep doing this." She commented before slamming the door and heading inside. I made sure she got in safe before I sped off down the street. I wanted to confront McKinley, ask her why the hell she was here and why she stalking me.

Once I actually got to the building and got inside, I chickened out. I headed up to the apartment and was greeted by Ashton and Calum coming home and looking slightly drunk.

"Where have you two been?" I questioned unlocking the door as they laughed behind me.

"With a friend." I raised my eyebrows at both of them. Not sure how they got home in their drunken state since their cars were parked with mine in the garage.

"What friend?" I questioned.

"Just a friend." Ashton commented shoving passed me into the living room. I followed behind him.

"Guess who followed us here?" I said looking at both of them as they laid on the couch, Calum letting his arm hang off the couch and touch the floor.

"Who?" Ashton asked with his eyes closed.

"McKinley." They both looked at each other before looking back at me. "What?" I asked taking my shoes of and heading to the kitchen to get a beer.

"We kinda uh.." Calum trailed off.

"You what?" I asked sitting down in the recliner.

"We kinda hung out with her." Ashton commented sitting up. There was a knock on the door interrupting our conversation. I was taken back by what he said. Why would they hang out with her? I swung the door open and there she stood.

"Hey you forgot your phone. Oh." She looked at me with her blue eyes which looked a lot more gray today then they ever have. She was still in her work clothes but her hair was up in a ponytail.

"Why did you follow us here? Do you know how weird that is?" I asked taking the phone from her and passing it to Ashton. She looked a little bewildered at me.

"I didn't-"

"I moved on, McKinley, you need to too! Go back to New York." I raised my voice. Tears automatically sprung in her eyes as she looked at me before stepping back from the door and rushing off down the hall.

"Dude, she moved here for work." Ashton commented. "She didn't follow us here."

"Why were you hanging out with her?" I asked.

"We were just hanging out. Calm down."

"Why were you hanging out with my ex?" I questioned. I would never go and hang out with their ex.

"We missed her. We know you do too. You should go talk to her." Calum commented.

"I'm not going to talk to her." I huffed crossing my arms. "I moved on."

"Yeah you sure look like you moved on. We've been watching you the last few months, Luke. You're not yourself. You don't smile anymore. You don't really go out to bars or clubs with us. You just work." I rolled my eyes. "You didn't move on."

"I loved her."

"I know." We sat in silence for a while before I got up to take a shower. I tried to move on, I did. I just couldn't. 


Luke talked to me like he hated me. Like I was the one who broke his heart. Like I was the one who decided to move away for my job. 

I knew things weren't friendly between us. The last few times we had talked before him leaving was pretty much us yelling at each other. I guess he was still bitter about it. 

I had kept in contact with his mom and I wonder if he knew. Maybe that's why he was so bitter, because I talked to his mom and not him. But he wasn't the boss of me, I was allowed to speak to anyone I pleased. 

I cleaned up the kitchen before heading to shower and get into bed. I answered emails before turning on the t.v. I had recorded Supernatural and now was my time to catch up on the episodes. 

I was thinking that maybe if I was in the same state as Luke he would want to get back together and maybe we would finally have our happily ever after. It wasn't going to happen. 

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