Mad Mike: Dead Man's Curve

Mike must survive the most dangerous turn in the deadliest race track in the Deadlands.


6. Mad 6

Mike grabbed hold to a handlebar and threw his body into the air and over the side of the DeLorean before he let go and letting gravity and the air take control of him.  He came about high over the front hood and windshield as he fell and reached out his left hand (as far as he could reach to the point where he could have accidentally dislocated his shoulder) and grabbed hold of the window frame of his driver side door just in time as his boots struck the rushing pavement and his feet began bouncing/scrapping along the pavement.  Mike ignored the pain as his shoulder is dislocated by the yank and immediately pulled himself through the open driver side window and quickly sat and strapped himself in before disengaging the autopilot.  The driver and passenger of the armored car still looked on (as they looked back and out through their open windows) and the driver said to himself, “He is truly mad.” Till they noticed Mike strapped himself in and both the driver and passenger looked back ahead and started rolling up their windows till it was too late to see a large pothole (created by one of the late and last exploded mines from the last lap) that rushed before them and the left front wheel struck the hole and the force of the hole (holding the wheel) ripped the left wheel and axle clean off and the armored car flipped and both the driver and passenger just had enough time to scream before their skulls and upper bodies were crushed/ripped apart by the impact and the pavement as the flipped armored car still continued to move and spun clockwise.  Mike watched the flipped armored car and its spinning forward momentum till he timed it, planted his foot down on the gas pedal and the DeLorean rushed towards the armored car and used it as a ramp (when the flipped front end faced the DeLorean) as the DeLorean flew high into the air and came back down on all four of its wheels.  The driver of a war rig looked shocked and screamed, “OH SHIT!” And yanked the steering wheel to the left (to avoid the flipped armored car that rapidly approached him) but yanked it too far and the war rig ended up flipping over on its right side, crushed the armored car and created a violent explosion that like the last war rig that flipped over at the Dead Man’s Curve, caused a massive wreck that led many vehicles to either drive straight into the wreck/burning war rig and met their fate, wrecked other vehicles as they lost control trying to drive around (as they drove too hard) or just had enough time to get around the wreck, once the last half of the racing pack reached the massive wreck.  The crowd cheered and fired their guns in the air as the announcer yelled with excitement, “WHAT A STUNT!  MAD MIKE LIVES UP TO HIS NAME!  WHAT OTHER MADNESS CAN HE PULL AS HE....” Mike pulled the wheel hard to the right and the DeLorean’s tires squealed as it made a sharp right turn and Mike pulled back on the gear shift as the DeLorean smashed through the wooden barrier to the infield and raced towards the ramp of the winners circle.  The turret guns suddenly activated and turned to take aim at the black V8 DeLorean when Mike pulled the red button and the engine roared to life and the exhaust fans in the back shot two pillars of flames in the back as the DeLorean shot straight up the ramp, right towards the announcer box.


    The announcer laughed as the DeLorean raced up the ramp and is launched (like a rocket) in the air, aiming straight towards him, and did not looked afraid as he knows the turrets all along the track will turn the black DeLorean into confetti.  When the turrets fired the bullets zipped at Mike’s DeLorean, but the DeLorean is too fast and the bullet rounds ended zipping into the rocket flames and are incinerated and the announcer went from laughing to look of both shock and horror as he notices both the turrets failing to destroy the DeLorean and Mike’s enraged expression, as he screamed, and the announcer yelled (while trying to duck away), “HOLY SH...” The DeLorean smashed through the bulletproof glass windows, smashed the announcer’s face and skull with the DeLorean’s front bumper and crushed/ran over his body as the DeLorean plowed through the announcer’s box as the gun turrets continued firing and turned the announcer’s box and part of the stands surrounding it (including the crowd) into Swiss cheese and caused the announcer’s box to explode and resulted the turrets to cease firing and hung limp in their stands.  The outside portion of the track stadium exploded and the DeLorean shot out and landed (hard) on all four of its wheels into the empty, sand covered parking lot and the DeLorean (flames extinguished from the exhaust fans) raced away from the track.  Mike kept his eyes on the road and swerved the car out of the parking lot and into the adjacent road that stretched one way, straight into the desert landscape and Mike did not look back as the cheers of the crowds died behind him as he raced further and further away into the Deadlands.

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