Mad Mike: Dead Man's Curve

Mike must survive the most dangerous turn in the deadliest race track in the Deadlands.


5. Mad 5

Just as Mike exited the turn the announcer called out, “WHAT A SPECTACULAR WRECK!  AND MAD MIKE TAKES THE LEAD!” The crowd cheers as Mike glances up to the announcer box as the announcer continued, “Will he survive the second roundabout?” There was a mixture of yays and nays from the screaming crowd as Mike glared up at the smiling announcer before he turned his attention back on the track when he noticed, to his right, there is a stage for the winning vehicle to park on with a ramp connected to it.  Mike looked ahead as he speculated and then looked back at the stage and then at the announcer box and an idea came to his head.  At that moment an armored car, with a rammer at its front bumper, hit the rear of Mike’s car, jolting Mike forward and backward as the armored car rammed him twice and the announcer called out, “Oh oh!  Looks like Mike got some competition!” The armored car remained close at his tail, even as they made the first turn and the cloud of dirt and dust obscured Mike’s view and Mike raced on undisturbed (even as he continually looked through his side mirrors wondering if the car is still directly behind him) when the dirt cleared and made the next turn when the armored car slammed the left side of Mike’s car (almost popping out Mike’s side window).  The DeLorean shook from the impact and the bumpy road and the DeLorean is about to swerve till Mike quickly regained control and watched as the armored car raced ahead of him.  His attention is brought back to his dashboard as one of the lights on the dashboard went on and off repeatedly and displayed the back exhaust vents to indicate that they are disconnected from the main engine.  Without the vents connected, Mike would not be able to pull the red button and his DeLorean would not accelerate past 180 mph in order to catch up and stay away from the savages racing behind him.


    Mike made the next turn and the bumpy road suddenly stopped, allowing Mike to set the autopilot, rolled down his side window (as he undid his safety belt), climbed through the window and onto the back of his DeLorean (ignoring the road beneath him by a couple of feet, with nothing but air separating him from a violent end) all the while the spectators looked on in awe and some of the drivers, and their passengers, looked at Mike as if he’s crazy when one of them yelped, “What the hell does he think he’s doing?” Mike faced his back to ever closing vehicles behind as he kneeled and grabbed the loose hose and connected it back to its socket.  The DeLorean suddenly jolted, as the armored car slowed down and hit the front bumper of Mike’s car, and Mike is thrown off balance and fell along the right side of his car and quickly grabbed hold of something that stopped him from falling and his boots scrapped the pavement below him.  Mike looked over his right shoulder (as he still clinger on for dear life) and saw the winner’s stage rapidly approaching to his right while the driver and his passenger in the armored car laughed, as they watched Mike struggle to keep from falling.  Mike pulled himself up and laid on top of where he was (before he fell) and decided to perform a stunt that will both get rid of the armored car and get back inside the DeLorean on time, but, it is both really dangerous and stupid and when he performed it, it shocked both the crowd and announcer and the drivers and passengers in both the armored car and the vehicles behind Mike.

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