Mad Mike: Dead Man's Curve

Mike must survive the most dangerous turn in the deadliest race track in the Deadlands.


4. Mad 4

The vehicles reached Dead Man’s Curve and the embankment is so steep that Mike used his left hand and grabbed the handlebar over his door to keep from sliding off his seat as he slowed a little to keep the DeLorean from flying sliding up into the embankment wall while some drivers from other vehicles were not so bright.  Two dune buggy’s raced past Mike (along with about half a dozen motorcycles) and the buggy’s quickly lost control and their back ends swerved hard to the left as the screaming of the drivers is cancelled out over the roaring engine noises and tires squealing from the other vehicles as their dune buggy’s exploded into twisted metal as they collided into the cement wall.  Two of the bikers lost control and slammed against the embankment wall, creating a muffled pooping sound as their bodies smacked the wall and crushed their left legs before their corpses and their bikes dropped onto the track and began to slide down (even as their bodies were run over by the rest of the racing vehicles) to the bottom of the track.  The other bikers lost control but let go of their bikes and fell onto the track, either sliding on their sides or backs or rolled on the track (while covering their face masks) to prevent from sustaining serious injuries and surviving that is futile as the bikers were run over or crushed beneath the tires of the cars, trucks and other heavy vehicles racing from behind them, except one biker stopped rolling and had enough time to get up just before he was clipped.  When the biker was clipped he spun almost 360 when a dune buggy raced up, struck the screaming biker’s legs as the biker rolled/flew over the front hood and cracked (almost smashing) the windshield as his body flew over them and into the air.  Mike watched as the biker was struck by the dune buggy and the screaming biker flew and looked down at Mike to show his shock and painful expression as one of his hands that is not wearing a glove (as he somehow lost it between the time he was clipped to when the dune buggy struck him) waved at him covered in blood as the biker flew over Mike and Mike continued watching him from his side mirror as the biker flew and struck the windshield of a 10 wheeler, causing the biker’s body to exploded into bloody pieces.  When the biker struck the 10 wheeler’s windshield, the windshield cracked so severely that it looked like it was about to shatter as the biker’s body exploded into pieces, covering the windshield with the biker’s bloody intestines, and what’s left of his stomach, heart and lungs, leaving the rest of the windshield covered in blood and the biker’s lifeless limbs fell off to the side and onto the road.  The punk female passenger screamed from the bloody impact while the heavy set trucker yelped and he accidentally lost control and as the 10 wheeler fell over to the right, the dune buggy (that was racing along the right side of the truck) driver just had enough time to look up and see the right side of the 10 wheeler coming right at him and the punk passenger’s face and hands pressed against the passenger side window as he raised his left hand (as if he could stop the 10 wheeler from falling onto him) and his vision suddenly went black as the dune buggy was crushed beneath the full weight of the 10 wheeler.  


    The dune buggy (that is ahead of Mike and struck the doom biker) spun out of control and Mike heard the sound of a collapsing front axle and the buggy somehow ended up flying into the air and flew over Mike (revealing the bottom of the dune buggy and the torn front axle down to Mike) before it came back down and bounced hard onto the pavement and the grassy bottom of the embankment like it was a basketball.  Both right side tires of the DeLorean squealed in protest as the majority of the weight of the car fell on them and the left side tires are barely racing along the pavement and Mike grunted as he forced his body to push down onto the left side of his seat and the driver side door to keep his car from tilting.  Mike watched as the left side tires of a Chevy Bronco, ahead of him, left the pavement and the truck tilted to the right and rolled off the track and tumbled multiple times, sending parts of the vehicle flying into the air and the driver smashed halfway through the windshield and his exposed upper body was yanked about and crushed beneath the truck as it tumbled till it came to a stop upside down with blood spreading out from under where the driver was.  A dirty brown 1970 Plymouth Barracuda raced right by Mike before it swerved left and slammed hard into the barrier, sending the driver’s head smashing through her side window and her red matted haired head is ripped out (like a toy barbie doll) by one of the barrier cables.  A ‘65 red Ford Mustang shot past Mike on the left and Mike watched as the football padded driver laughed at him.  When the driver looked back forward the back end of a 2011 dirty grey Hyundai Accent rushed at him and the back end of the Hyundai is completely destroyed as the front of the Mustang was crushed and the driver flew right through the windshield (as he screamed) and struck the back of the driver seat of the Hyundai so hard that it broke the back end of the seat and the driver smashed/broke his nose on the steering wheel.  At that moment the driver of the Hyundai lost control of his vehicle as the Hyundai spun right off the track and tumbled onto the dead grass while the Mustang is dislodged from the back end and tumbled on the track in front of Mike as the DeLorean rapidly approached it with a modified, black 2007 Chevy Beat riding up his tail.  


    Mike slammed on the accelerator and the DeLorean raced towards the tumbling Ford Mustang and reached right up to it when the Mustang suddenly flew right over the DeLorean (spinning in the air with debris flying about or away from it) and came crashing down just as the DeLorean cleared it and smashed the front end of the 2007 Chevy Beat (that continued to follow close behind Mike’s rear bumper).  Right on impact, the Chevy Beat flipped forward and slammed upside down so hard that the driver is instantly crushed down to his knees and a war rig obliterated the rest of the car and part of the cab of the war rig and the 18 wheeler suddenly fell to its right side and caused multiple vehicles crashing into its underbelly when suddenly the war rig turned into a massive bomb as it exploded.  Most of the spectators in the stands instinctively covered their ears from the deafening explosion and watched as multiple vehicles (mainly cars) either drove straight into the flames and were either consumed or reappeared on the other side to be turned into fireballs on wheels or swerved away and wrecked anyone that was racing alongside them.  Mike swerved and the DeLorean almost tipped over as a dark 2018 Honda Civic swerved out of control down into Mike’s path and just missed his left rear bumper as the Civic hit the bottom of the turn and flipped onto the dead grass just as Mike finished the turn and exited the Dead Man’s Curve.

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