Mad Mike: Dead Man's Curve

Mike must survive the most dangerous turn in the deadliest race track in the Deadlands.


2. Mad 2

The blackness ended when Mike heard the sound of someone hitting the side of his car and when he looked up he saw a black hockey padded person standing outside of his driver side door and through his wired mask the man in the pads spoke aloud, “Wake up piggy!” The man walked away and a shorter version of the black padded man ran by Mike and made a pig snorting sound while looking at Mike and laughed as he followed the taller man.  Mike’s ears are filled with the multiple and various engine sounds as people revved up their engines and all (including Mike’s DeLorean) facing in one direction, people cheering and hooting and the speakers in the four lane wide race track blaring Jan & Dean, “I was cruisin’ in my Stingray late one night, when an XKE pulled up on the right. He rolled down the window of his shiny new Jag...” Someone yelled to Mike’s left, “HEY PIG!” Mike looked and rolled down the window to see (ironically) a red haired punk behind the wheel of a Stingray and he yelled to Mike, “I’m going to cram you!” And he and the female passenger next to him laughed at Mike as Mike looked away. Jan & Dean, “And challenged me then and there to a drag.  I said, “You’re on buddy--my mill’s running fine.  Let’s come off the line now at Sunset and Vine, but I’ll go you one better, if you’ve got the nerve.  Let’s race all the way--to Dead Man’s Curve” The crowd went wild and many people in the stands held up signs that read, “DIE AT THE CURVE!”, “DEAD MAN’S CURVE!”, “SPILL BLOOD!”, “BRING ON THE WRECKS!” “DIE TO THE LAST DRIVER!”, etc.  Mike looked inside his car and saw both his shotgun and .44 are still loaded and he still has his hatchet, combat knife and “Punk Killer”.  Jan & Dean, “ no place to play, (Dead Man’s Curve) you’d best keep away, (Dead Man’s Curve) I can hear’em say...” The crowd in the stands yelled/screamed, “WON’T COME BACK FROM DEAD MAN’S CURVE!”” And the crowd cheered, even as the song faded and an announcer came over the speaker’s and bellowed, “DEADLANDERS, WELCOME TO THE DEATHWAY!” The crowd cheered as the announcer continued, “We have 50 racers ready to go!  Out of these fifty only one will achieve the ultimate prize!  And the prize is?” The crowd screamed/yelled, “LIVE AND IMMORTALIZED!” The announcer asked aloud, “Say again?” The crowd repeated, “LIVE AND IMMORTALIZED!” The announcer announced, “That’s right!  The sole winner will be the only one left alive and their vehicle still running!  Plus their name will be carved on the Long Standing Trophy like all the other winners!  They will also have a reputation of surviving the Dead Man’s Curve!” The crowd cheered and the announcer continued his speech, “A 75 degree incline turn that holds the magnificent record of claiming 2/3’s of the racers at this very track!” Mike looked at his dashboard and around the inside of his car and noticed nothing is tampered with, including the outside as he looked out the side mirrors and over the windshield, before he turned his attention to his sawed-off shotgun and .44 and loaded both of them with ammo till the announcer pulled back his attention as he called out, “For those that think they have second thoughts!” Mike looked and saw at places where stadium lights should be on a “normal” race track were replaced with .50 caliber machine guns attached to gatling guns and the announcer laughed before he called out, “Those fifties you see above can turn a tank into Swiss cheese with their high end armor piercing rounds!” Mike looked around the track till finally he saw the announcer’s box to the top center of the stands to his left and Mike guessed that the glass is bullet proof, due to the multiple and various marks on the glass and what appears to be spots where someone tried to shoot at the announcer and the announcer yelled on the speakers, “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!  ITS TIME TO SPILL BLOOD!” The crowd screamed and there is loud rumbling noise as the scavengers, bandits and various other people in the stands stomped their feet in the stands, awaiting for the race to begin.


    From diesel to V8’s, the engines roared as the drivers kept their foots on the brakes while revving up their engines as the two street lights, hanging right above the start/finish line, showed red lights and the loudspeakers continued playing where it left off except when it started the first lyrics were warped, “The streez werrr desser lae Friay nigh” And some of the crowd began to boo, even as the lights above the track changed from red to yellow, and a driver in a black ‘98 Ford Explorer bumped the rear of Mike’s black DeLorean and Mike tightened his gloved hands on the wheel before he is able to control himself and put on his helmet and Ray Bands to conceal his face and the crowd resumed their cheer as Jan & Dean sang, “We were bugging’ each other while we sat out the light.  We both popped the clutch when the light turned green.” The lights suddenly turned green and the crowds cheers were overcame by the sounds of fifty cars, trucks and motorcycles roaring their engines and racing forward when at the same time, Mike pulled the red button and the V8 roared/whined to life and the DeLorean raced with the rest of the pack as Jan & Dean continued to sing, “You shoulda heard the whine from my screamin’ machine!”

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