Mad Mike: Dead Man's Curve

Mike must survive the most dangerous turn in the deadliest race track in the Deadlands.


1. Mad 1

A lone figure stood on an overpass, taking a leak, while overlooking the lightly congested four-lane highway below with a modified, black, DeLorean behind him when there was a sound of motorcycles and vehicles approaching and someone hooted with joy.  They came from below and the figure saw a short bus being chased by two bikers and a car with twin V8’s heading away.  The bus driver looked terrified as he swerved to block the bikers with hockey masks and black body armor.  They fired machine pistols and hit the back and sides of the bus, shattering some of the windows and a couple of women screamed.  A couple of men appeared from the inside and fired a bow and rifle but missed the bikers completely as the bikers hooted and laughed.  Behind them all, the DeLorean appeared from the turnpike and Mike loaded and cocked his shotgun before rolling down both side windows and he flipped a switch on the dashboard and a police siren went off.  He floored it and hit the rear of the muscle car, causing it to swerve as Mike hit it one more time and approached from the left and the muscle car hit him on the side and as the masked biker cop, look alike, tried to pull out a gun.  Mike hit the muscle car’s side as well, twice and hard and was hit back but Mike hit back harder, causing scrapes and pieces of metal to fly and as the driver looked at Mike, he raised his right arm and shot a knife that hit the driver’s face and slumped over.  


    In one hard hit, Mike sent the muscle car smashing through a trailer and then spun and flipped along the shoulder till it rested upside down.  The biker’s looked back and the DeLorean approached fast, with the alarm blaring, and rammed one of the bikers and ran him over, causing a blood splatter on the front hood.  The other biker approached the left side of the bus but Mike sped up and came alongside, running over some road debris.  The biker pulled out a crossbow but the DeLorean pinned him to the bus and he screamed in agony as his legs were crushed and Mike pulled out his shotgun and fired, causing the biker’s mid-section to explode and cover the side of the bus in blood before pulling away and both the bike and the remains of the biker were ran over by both vehicles.  Mike turned off the siren before the bus pulled over and he stopped in front of it.  A tall man with a single barreled rifle stepped out of the bus while Mike stepped out calmly with his shotgun holstered and the tall man asked, “Who are you?” Mike answered, “Concerned citizen.  Do you have fuel or water to sp...” Suddenly he felt a sharp pain on the back of his head and his vision suddenly went black.

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