Myth(Poetry with Illustration)

I love poetry but I'm not a poet. I love drawing but I"m not an artist. But I as sure as hell love mythical things and I'd love it if you guys would read my poems and suggest any more mythical creatures in your country and I'll be glad to make a poetry about it and of course, illustrate it with all my heart.


Author's note

Writing and drawing is a part of me that I cannot leave.

4. Woman in White

She died because of betrayal,

She was killed because of harsh trial;

She was murdered by a heartless criminal,

Or was she assaulted by fate and made her hours final.


Unfaithful, her love fails to thrive,

Regretful, while she was still alive;

Horrible, when she's thinking about her past life,

Vengeful, when her heart was stabbed with a knife.


Still she stays on the surface roaming,

Endless as she continues from weeping and weeping;

In the end of her life revenge is what she's thinking,

And this is what keeps her apparition from coming.


A white dress flowing in the air,

Lifeless but flawless was her waving hair;

Walking down a path her life ended in despair,

And walk that way you'll see her appear anywhere.


Mystery as you find her,

find her but don't accept her dare;

Stop your car and your life won't matter,

Let her in then you'll see your worst nightmare.

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