Myth(Poetry with Illustration)

I love poetry but I'm not a poet. I love drawing but I"m not an artist. But I as sure as hell love mythical things and I'd love it if you guys would read my poems and suggest any more mythical creatures in your country and I'll be glad to make a poetry about it and of course, illustrate it with all my heart.


Author's note

Writing and drawing is a part of me that I cannot leave.

2. The Mermaid

She sang a peculiar song,

As you listen you follow that hymn along:

Belonged to voice so deep and strong,

Enthralls you to a performance where it never went wrong.


You follow the stream along the shoreline,

Ignores the cold waves that chills your spine;

With song so beautiful and refine,

You'll get lost as though you have drank a barrel of wine.


The sweetness her voice delivers,

Allures you to come as her scheming lips quivers;

Her head peeking up from the surface of the water,

Once you get close she'll drag you back under.


What woe does it brings her irresistible temptation?

What trouble does it brings once you fall from her seduction?

What she is, is a mystery of the sea,

Once you're caught she'll be the last one you'll see.

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