Myth(Poetry with Illustration)

I love poetry but I'm not a poet. I love drawing but I"m not an artist. But I as sure as hell love mythical things and I'd love it if you guys would read my poems and suggest any more mythical creatures in your country and I'll be glad to make a poetry about it and of course, illustrate it with all my heart.


Author's note

Writing and drawing is a part of me that I cannot leave.

6. Slender Man


Yes, yes they have been missing,

Children and teens who came in contact with him;

A faceless strange man walking in a light so dim,

His silhouette reveals his figure so tall and slim.


Almost everyone knew this stranger,

Because his rumors spread everywhere;

And not knowing this man you might regret it later,

Leave children unattended then they'll be in danger;


He is a faceless man who wear normal,

Black coat and tie he seems very formal;

He doesn't have a mouth which makes him no oral,

Children comes yet his expression shows no moral.


When you see him be careful,

Come with him then that will be trouble;

Alone with him with no adult to meddle,

From mystery rumor tells what he does ti children are awful.


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