Myth(Poetry with Illustration)

I love poetry but I'm not a poet. I love drawing but I"m not an artist. But I as sure as hell love mythical things and I'd love it if you guys would read my poems and suggest any more mythical creatures in your country and I'll be glad to make a poetry about it and of course, illustrate it with all my heart.


Author's note

Writing and drawing is a part of me that I cannot leave.

3. Manananggal(Philippines)


(A/n: Hey, hey hey! hi. Hope you'll like this. Also, hoping you could read some of my stories, I'd gladly appreciate it! >^-^< Enjoy!)


As the night appears,

From spreading oil from the belly;

A body suffers over being half pierce,

Then a bat-like wings spreads like a fairy.


Messy hair and craving for blood,

She roams around above the land;

Slaughtering what she finds tasty,

When you're walking outside you should really hurry.


Two giant bat-like wings flap into the air,

Try to stop her then go visit her lair;

Inside a dark forest or an isolated house backyard anywhere,

you'll see half her body standing bare.


But once she returns and find you coming,

Then your chances of escape will start slimming;

But keep her out of her half till morning,

Surely you will be the victor and she'll end up burning.


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