Myth(Poetry with Illustration)

I love poetry but I'm not a poet. I love drawing but I"m not an artist. But I as sure as hell love mythical things and I'd love it if you guys would read my poems and suggest any more mythical creatures in your country and I'll be glad to make a poetry about it and of course, illustrate it with all my heart.


Author's note

Writing and drawing is a part of me that I cannot leave.

5. Diwata




(I edited the photo a bit darker since my shot wasn't that good. >^-^< Enjoy!!!)


In the forest away from community lies,

A beautiful maiden lives and will arise;

Stretching her hands you must be wise,

In taking you of what she calls a paradise.


She protects her land that she loves so dear,

Destroy her lair ones or twice and she should you fear;

She's not a witch neither as an enemy,

But she is wicked with man made irresponsibility.


She is a diversion of mother earth,

She is the plague of cultural wrath;

Sometimes mistaken as ghost or the woman in white,

However she is not dead but is a sprite.


She is neither good or evil,

Depending on how you treat what she cares;

One truth of her side she will reveal,

Once you do something that will catch her eyes.


Mountain nor rivers nor lakes,

She has each and every different tales;

Hers was a fairness people hails,

Yet that beauty was not for captivating males.

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