Everyone has secrets.

Secrets you’ll never tell anyone.

But it isn’t a secret anymore if another one knew.


2. Secret Code

Ouch. My head hurts.


When did I come in my room?

I remember myself threatening that girl and.... what was it?

Why am I threatening her in the first place? I was walking to class then that girl was running when she dropped that USB containing.... what was it?

I grabbed my laptop and opened it. I noticed a folder that doesn’t look like mine. “Code 15-8-7-2012...?” I clicked it and realized why.

I better talk to her again.


“Hey, Sky!” I waved and smiled... she doesn’t look happy though.

“What.... do you want?”

“I just want to ask you about.. that.” She REALLY doesn’t look happy.

“You... still remember?”

“Well, I have a copy in-” She suddenly grabbed my hand and we sprinted. “What are you doing???!” I pulled my hand to no avail. How is this girl so strong?

We ran until we reached a little way at the side of a building. She pulled me to walk and grumbled a swear, which I think is a reaaaally bad word.

“Where are we going?” I asked her. She’s still holding my hand though. Feel like a date... or not.

“To my hideout.”

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