Everyone has secrets.

Secrets you’ll never tell anyone.

But it isn’t a secret anymore if another one knew.


1. /E:

I thought he was the one.

“Are you serious?” He giggled.

I always thought..

“Come onnnnnn, you know that we like to fool around~”

I always...

“It’s just kissing you always felt so goooood.”

Not again...

“See you later~!”

Never again.


It’s morning.


I hate it when I need to wake up in the morning, knowing I’d just have another boring day, go to a boring class, have boring food, then go home and feel tired.

Life is like this anyway.

Looking at the clock, I knew that time goes by, with you or without you doing anything.

“Wa- I’ll be late for class!” I rushed to fix my hair, put my clothes on, and brush my teeth.

“I gotta run!”

“Excuse me.” Somebody called me but I went passed him. I’m late!


“Sky, you know that you’ll be punished the next time you’re late, right?”

“Yes, Mr. Johnson.” I see he’s pissed again.

“Don’t be late. It’s disturbing me when students come in late while I’m discussing. Might as well not go in and be absent for the day. Got it?”

“Yes, Mr. Johnson.” I nodded.

Aaaaand, there he goes.

Sigh. I’m tired from all that running and I didn’t even make it from the half of the lesson. Guess I’ll ask Layla’s notes later.

“Excuse me..”

I turned around to see a guy, that is much taller than me.

I looked up to see his face.

“What do you want?”

“Is that the tone you should be giving me?” He suddenly smirked.

No, wait..

That is not some normal smirk.

That is more like an evil smile.


“I think I have something that belongs to you.” He waved a USB in his hand.

A shiver went up my spine. That’s my USB. Did he.. see what’s inside?

“If that’s all, give it to me.” I tried to grab it but he put his hand away.

“My, my, my.” He laughs. “I guess, you’re someone who’ll have that, no?”

“Have.. what?” He saw it-

“You know what I mean.”

“I d-don’t know what you’re talking about.” Calm down.

He’s bluffing. He’s bluf-

“Code 1587-” I swiftly went to his back, covered his mouth, and held his hand down.

“Did you see everything inside?” I asked.

He nodded and he’s still... smiling...?

“You should forget everything you saw inside. It’s for your own good.” I got the USB and kept it inside my pocket. I walked away.

“I’ll tell everyone about it!”

“Let’s see you do that then.” I smirked.

I pushed a button on my phone and he collapsed.

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