The love we have



Eric's house : 400ish

Eric :

I wait impatiently for Jasmine . Finally as it seemed like forever I here a quick knock on the door . I walk over and greet Jasmine with a hug .

"Heya" Jasmine says giving me a kiss on the lips . I pull her close and last the kiss . She pulls away and gets me back in track . Let's get ready for the party She says nodding .

We get all the refreshment on the table , get the music ready . We both know some couple is gonna makeout , so we get a couple beds ready so they can take it to the bedroom .

Jasmine :

People start pouring in . Kate greets us and runs off the hook up with some boy . I sit with Eric at the table eating snacks. I hate loud music as what is playing. Eric knows that and he invites me to come outside to his back patio with him .

We sit on the patio with the wind brushing by us . The night gets darker and colder as it goes on . I lay my head on his chest and I let all my relief out and cuddle up against his body . "I love you" Eric says stroking my hair as he kisses me in the forehead . I cuddle up closer seeking for warmth. "I love you more" I say looking up at him . He looks down and smiles . We both sigh and that's how we end the night . Me in his arms on his patio. I don't ever want it to end . And it's doesn't .

That's it ! Sorry for the sudden ending , but I suddenly got a great idea for a new story and wanted to wrap this one up . I hope you enjoyed it . If you didn't .... oh well .

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