The love we have



Kate picks me up in the early morning , we grab a bite to eat at 'I hop' . Soon after that we drive to the mall .

"So , tell me about him !" Kate gushes .

"He's just a boy ," I say exasperated

"Sure , just a boy you hid in a room with at my party and didn't come out till the morning." Kate smirks .

"First off , we didn't do anything . I just feel asleep from being drunk , he actually cares about me and doesn't push it to far ."

"Whatever" Kate says jokingly

We arrive at the mall and hop out . We fist go to Hollister and look at clothes . I try on a cute light purple blouse with a pair of white jeans . I also look at dresses and other clothing .

I buy a cute sundress that has sunflowers all over it .

Kate looks at a few things but doesn't buy anything . She does by some stuff from Forever 21 , including shirts and shortie shorts . We stroll around the mall for about 1 hour more then head out to her house .

We get to her house and we sit and talk about everything . "What do you think about Eric ?" Kate asks sipping coffee

"Well , he's so amazing , and he doesn't take things to far unless I want to . He takes care of me like when I was having my hangover after your party . Plus he's sooo gorgeous and kind ." I gush . "Seems legit to me" Kate says . We talk small talk for 20 more minutes until we go out to get lunch . We just go through subway and eat in the car . "I'm glad we did this today." Kate says as she munches on her sub . "Me too ." I say .

Soon later face lights up "hey! Wanna play 5 questions?!" "Sure" I say sitting upright and setting my food down . "Ok , I'll go first , question 1 : are you attracted to any other guys besides Eric ?" I think about this one and answer quickly ."I mean , sure I see super hot guys , but I'd never trade Eric for any of them ." "Fair" Kate states .

"Ok my turn" I say . "Who do you like?"

"Um not presently do I like someone ." She says . We go continue this game u till the sun starts setting .

I get home and say thanks to kate again and head into my place . I fall asleep almost instantly from this tiring day .

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