The love we have




I carry Jasmine out in my hands out to my car . I plop her down in the passenger seat and start up the car . "Where are we going" she mumbles . "To my apartment/dorm" I answer back . Before she can answer her head flops down . She rest her head on my shoulder until we get to my place .

I set her down on my living room couch and get her a cup of water . She rests against me for a few minutes until she falls asleep against me . I stroke her hair as I turn off the TV . Soon I fall asleep too .

I wake up at the movement of Jasmine . I look over and she looks a lot better after recovering from her hangover . I look at my watch and see the time . 6:48!!!! I hurry and get up because soon my roommate Derek will barge in with another girl for his nightly routine. Jasmine hops up on the counter as a make a quick microwaveable meal for us to . "My roommate will be here soon ." I say breaking he silence. "Ok" she answer back with a yawn .

Derek barges in after being at the club . He stops in his tracks of the sight of a girl with me . "Well well well." He exclaims . He looks Jasmine up and down then continues ."I see you have a beautiful lad here" he says slyly going up to her side . Jasmine scoots away fast but is stopped by Derek's hand wrapping around her wrist . I run up and plant myself between them . Derek pushes me aside and starts whispering something in jasmines ear .

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