The love we have



1 month later

I walk into my friends Mansion like house . It's the end of the school year and she always through HUGE parties when here parents go on there usual and traditional cruise .

I walk through the front door and enter a huge room blasting music . There's so many people that it's hard to get by . Boys trying to pull me in I have to shove past them . I find myself In kitchen where Kate my friend is making out with her boyfriend Kyle . "Go have some fun!" Kate yells at me . Obviously she's drunk as she tumbles off the counter . I stare in shock until someone bumps into me . I turn around and see Eric staring down at me . He takes a hold of my hand and leads me through the crowd of people . I find myself drinking a black liquid also known as alcohol. I drink 3 glasses then set it down when a pain strikes through my head . Eric finds me and carries me to a room in the upper half of the huge house. He shuts the door behind him and lays me down on the silk sheet bed . He pulls a blanket and lays it over me . He makes me comfortable then climbs in with me . I don't bother asking questions , I just feel like dozing off . And he knows that ,so he doesn't try making out with me . He stokes my hair for a while until I give into sleep . I lay there against his chest sleeping . He soon falls asleep with me and just like that .

I'm awoken by bright sunlight making its way into the room . I sit up and see Eric just as he was last night . I lay back down and cuddle up next to his body . Eventually he awakes and pulls me up . I feel dizzy as a pain bolts through my head . Hangover . I walk down stairs with Eric by my side . There's bottles and cups everywhere . It's a mess . A huge mess. I walk down and start tumbling over . Eric catches me and suggests he carries me the rest of the way . I agree and let myself into his arms .

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