The love we have



2 months later

I hurry out of 6th period as I rush to meet Eric , I meet him at my locker and and we start walking to his house . We get there and head up to his room after I say a quick hi to Mrs.Taurus . We rush up to his room and I flop down on his bed and close my eyelids . I stand up and take my shoes off . Eric comes up to me and wraps his arms around my waist . I twist around and free myself from his grasp . "Soon." I say calmly . I don't know how soon , or when , but soon . I flop down on his bed and he joins me . I grab my phone and start scrolling through Instagram. He leans over and starts slowly + Romantically kissing my neck . I try to focus on my conversation with my friend but it's kind of hard when someone's trying to make out with you . I set my phone down and give it a Wing . I sit up and start kissing him back . It feels weird at first like there's a tension in your body , but then it slowly becomes natural. He continues kissing my neck as I run my fingers down his bare chest . He grabs a hold of my waist and pulls me in . I run my hands through his hair and pull his head In. I run my mouth across his neck . He runs his hands down my back and and pulls my in a lot closer . Our bodies touch and i lay on his body as he continues making out with me . He sits up and slips my shirt off . I know I should say "no" to this act , but I can't , it's almost as if I want it to happen . He throughs my shirt on The floor and runs his hands down my chest . I lean forward and start kissing him on his lips . I hear a loud yell and it breaks this romantic bond between us . I jolt up as I hear footsteps coming up . I get out of the bed and slip my shirt on . The door bolts open and Mrs . Taurus comes in , "honey your mom wants you home for dinner . Eric why the hell is your shirt off!" I grab my shoes and slip them on , "thank you" I say as I hurry out of the room . I hear arguing in the back . I look back and Eric gives my a grin and winks at me . I smile back and thank Mrs. Taurus again and hurry out of the house . DING ! I look down at my phone and read : thanks for coming over , had a great time with you . We should do it again . I smile to myself and continue walking .

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