The love we have



I have been thinking about Eric all day and seem to can't get him off my mind . I don't know why but my main focus right now is to turn in my rough draft for the school newspaper . I walk up to the main office and set my papers down in front of the publisher . "Thanks" mrs Anderson says as she collects the papers . "What's today's paper about Jasmine?" "Oh nothing just sports and stuff ." "Well thanks for stopping by" she says as I walk out . "No problem" I call back . Im walking until I bump into someone and I immediately apologize. "Watch where your going twerp." Someone yells at me . "Whatever" I say back quietly. Maybe not quite enough .... because he obviously heard me . He slowly turns around and throws a punch at me . I dodge it and run for my life . I hear footsteps following me closely from behind . Until the footsteps suddenly stop . I turn around and see Eric punching the kid . I run up and break up the fight . Not knowing what I'm doing I through a punch and it lands in the kids face , square in the nose . I cover my mouth not knowing I was capable of that . The kid falls to the ground holding his nose . I turn around and Eric's face looks like he just has seen a ghost . He bursts out laughing . I don't see why he's laughing so I just walk away . "Jasmine!" He calls out . I turn around and give him time to catch up with me . "What do you want ?" I ask annoyed .

"I wanted to say sorry." He says innocently. Sorry? Why is he saying sorry ? I should be saying sorry , I didn't give him a chance . "For what?" I ask curiously but still try to put in that hint of annoyance. He takes a deep breathe and says "for pushing things ..... I was trying to take it to the next level and didn't realize you wanted to keep it on this level for a while.... I'm sorry and jasmine, I love you so much and I really wouldn't ever hurt you on purpose , will you give me a chance please ?"

I look up in shock not knowing boys could be this emotional and sincere . I smile and say ." Eric , obviously your a boy that cares , no other boy I know would do that , I'm fine with talking this to the relationship level if you are ." His whole face lights up and he smiles at me big and wide . I run up to him and hug him . "Thank you so much Jasmine" he grabs my shoulder and says "you an amazing girl." A light lights up inside me and I smile with joy . I kiss him ok the cheek quickly but good and look him in the eyes "thanks you" .

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