The love we have



1 week later .

New character being introduced: Molly , Jasmines older sister .

I wake up to the sound of Molly banging around downstairs in my place . I flop on my side as I yell out to her . "SHUT UP !"

All the banging stops until it gets dramatically louder . I can tell she does it in purpose to make me even more annoyed . Molly is 1 year older then me and is like my best friend along with Kate . "IS THAT GOOD?!l" she yells banging even louder . I decide sleep isn't a option anymore and I sludge down stairs .

"Good morning." Molly says as she hands me a plate full of delicious mouth watering foods including : scrambled eggs , grapes , bacon , and a waffle . I sit down and immediately apologize for being rude . After all , she did make me breakfast . We start gobbling up our food until she she pops the big question I know she has been dying to ask after she picked me up from Eric's house . "So , who is it !?" She blurts out . For a second I have no clue about what she's talking about . "Oh Eric ?" I say like like it's no big deal . But I know she's dying for more so I just tell all of it . "Wow . Seems pretty amazing ." She remarks . "Yea , and he treats me so kindly ." I say gushingly . We continue talking about random stuff until my phone dings . I look down and read :

Eric : Come to my place , having a party with a couple friends , wanna come ? If so , it's at 8:00pm come early if you want to hang before other people get here . Love ya bye .

Me : ok ! Be there at 4ish .

I set my phone down . "Who's that ." "Eric's Having a party ." I say . "Oooooo" molly jokingly plays . I through a fake punch at her and clear my plate. "I have to get ready for work anyways" I say heading to my room to get changed .

I arrive at Dunkin Donuts and see Kate walking in for her morning coffee . She Orders and plops herself down at the high top counters . I Continue taking people's orders as Kate blabbers on about her night . Customers finally slow down and I grab a donut and plop down next to her . We make small talk and I tell her about the party and everything . "Wanna come?" I ask . "Sure!" She says as she sets her empty coffee down asking for a refill . Once she finishes she head out and thanks me again .

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