How far would a hero go, to stay a hero.


1. How it all started.

hA typical girl having a typical day, or well, that's what other people would think looking at me. Now I'm not the bombshell babe, or the next Steven Hawking, if anything I'm just passing, In both catagories. Although I might be just a little on the crazy side, considering I'm mentally having a conversation with myself and all, but since I started, might as well continue. My name is Annabelle Hawthorn, Though I perfer to be called Anna, partly to define myself from Annabella Jones and Annabella Smith, it's a comman name, I'm called Anna, Jones is called Annabella and Smith is called Belle. Since we share the same name, you would think we would get along...Hah! Jones we can't even stand eachother, We might of been friends, but friendship groups you know, my friends hate their friends so talking with them would be considered 'traitorious'. Silly but yeah, friends are friends you love them but at the same time you want to hit them. 


Visually, how to describe myself visually... Well for starters, I'm a brunette, not sure which shade, Hazel, more so green eyes, Up close they look amazing, but from afar, you can't really tell. I'm fair, though considering I spend most my time inside, it's to be expected. I'm average? in terms of body wieght like I'm fit enough to do most stuff. so yeah, more to come? 


But anyway, time for school, because everyone loves school (NOT, jk, or am I?) well, even if this day goes to the pits, at least the weather is nice...

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