the Goddess of Cheetahs a.k.a and all cats REALLY exist this time Apollo had it coming


Author's note

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1. the roar

On fourth street of main and at the edge of a side walk clearly hidden was a manor inside of a house in Greece was the House of the secret cat Goddesses right from the the river Styx we were hidden.  I have four sisters.  Lauren the Panther goddes, Maxine & Marissa the Winter and African  Tiger goddess obviously twins and then there was KK the Lion goddess then there was me the youngest. Katrina The Cheetah goddess. the minute we were born we were hidden from the gods to prevent stuff like Zues and his Rapist nature or swimming god!, cat only like water when we get in not when someone pushes us in No thank you I'd like to Stay nice and dry  anyway i fell of the couch when my phone startled me . i picked it up.

KK: Mom's going to be home.

Me: Going out don't tell her were i went though :D 

KK: Okay

Lauren: Your going to get in big trouble.

Me:so. i'm always in big trouble :/
I got up and stretched then i put on a toga and went outside. the grass smelled good even though it was dead Savanna grass. I watch a group of cheetahs play i snuck up behind them a rolled the grass as someone pushed my over. i yelped then realized it was the cheetah."You almost gave me a  heart attack!" The cheetah growled they all did sensing someone near. My ears perk up  as it became very hot all the sudden. Apollo was near by. 

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