Sincerly, Violet EverGarden

He was the first warmth she ever knew....but...he was also the last cold touch she would ever feel... She was the first person he ever held dear...but...she was also the first he lost...


5. Why do the nicest have to suffer the most?

The major was so kind to me and looking back on this now I guess that is what scared me the most about him. I found myself waiting in the back of my head for the moment he would grow tired of me throwaway. A new question came to my head when I would think of that. If he ever did throw me away would I let it happen and be a good girl or would i cry out and beg to stay? I had always thought I would blindly follow his orders without a second thought never once thinking of the day when he would no longer give me my orders. Maybe the thought of losing him was what scared me the most in the end. “Violet do you know when your birthday is?” He asked me as we ate lunch but I only gave him a small shake. I didn’t know anything of my past. He nodded and decided I should have one of those as well.

    “Well then why don’t we make your birthday April 3 the day of the cherry blossom festival! We can celebrate your 17th birthday tomorrow that way!” I gave a small node not seeing what there was to get excited about but feeling pleased that it made him happy. I wanted to freeze time and stop him from getting that call that killed his happiness for good. All because I loved that smile as much as I feared it. “The festival should be tomorrow so why don’t we buy you a present well were there.” I wanted to answer him but I got caught off by the phone ringing and then him yelling for a while before he slammed his hand down angrily. “What use could they have for a 17 year old girl!” He yelled out as his mom rushed over. “The army is a cruel place dear. In their eyes you're just tools at their disposal.” He nodded and un-clenched his fist putting his smile back on before he walked back into the room knowing very well I had seen and heard it all.

Dear Major,

That day you got the call saying I would go to war with you. I was scared but ready because I knew that I would finally be of use to you. I know that you felt you had failed to protect me and give me a normal life like you wanted me to live. You didn’t let me down in fact you saved me and set me free. My only regret before leaving your side was that I was unable to do the same for you Major. Maybe when we meet again I can finally repay you for all the kindness you have given me.


Violet Evergarden

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