Sincerly, Violet EverGarden

He was the first warmth she ever knew....but...he was also the last cold touch she would ever feel... She was the first person he ever held dear...but...she was also the first he lost...


3. The man with the breath taking eyes

Just as Navy Man said later that day his brother came over. I waited in the room next to the room they stood and talked in waiting to be called in. The burning on my cheek finally stopped but now it was just sore and red. Then he called for me and I was allowed to enter the room and the first place my eyes were drawn to wear his deep green eyes. “Bow down before the Major you useless retch.” He yelled shoving me to the ground harshly and pulling me back to reality. I closed my eyes waiting to hit the ground and to feel the pain coarse through my body it never came. I slowly peeked out from under my closed eyed lids to see if it was safe and I saw that I was in someone's arms.

    Looking up I could see that it was my soon to be new master. The Major had caught me and from look in his eyes I could see nothing but fire fueling and anger but then when our eyes meet for a moment they looked calmed. He smiled at me though I was more enchanted by his emerald green eyes that seemed to doll like to be real. “Are you alright?” He asked in a soft voice almost as if he was sacred that the smallest gust of wind might cause me to fall and shatter. I gave a small node earning a bigger smile that both enchanted me and terrified me of what might really lie behind the lie he wore to protect me.

Dear Major,

I saw a necklace today that resemble the color of your eyes. It didn’t hold a dime to the beauty of your eyes of course but I still found comfort in seeing it. It reminded me of happier days before the war and all the blood and pain. You know I still never understood what my last order was Major. I’m hoping when we meet again then maybe you can teach me…


Violet Evergarden

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