Sincerly, Violet EverGarden

He was the first warmth she ever knew....but...he was also the last cold touch she would ever feel... She was the first person he ever held dear...but...she was also the first he lost...


1. Orpahn Girl


There used to be a building that housed a bunch of orphans. Among those children was me...though at the time I knew a little less then workers of the building knew about me. You see my whole back ground was a complete mystery made to seem as if I never even existed. The other kids would stay away from me because I was so different though I didn’t really mind it. I enjoyed being alone mostly because I was so used to the feeling. I found part of me hoping my small world would never have to change were another part of me hoped that it would. That’s when a man came to our small building asking for a girl. Out of all the girls the building had for some reason he picked me. Part of wished that hadn’t come that day. Though despite my excitement about getting to see the world and expand my small one. He didn’t say much to the women as he took my hand and told me I would be going home with him and living with him for awhile. Then after I would be moving to a new home with someone else. About a day after I came home with it was on the news that a fire hadn’t started at the orphanage. “No one managed to get out alive. It made me sad a bit to think about how all those people had to die. I wonder why they all died well I got to live?”

Dear Major,

Major can you explain to me why it is that I cried that day? Why did hearing that a bunch of people I never really knew made me feel that way? Also what was that emotion that I felt? This is all I have to report today.


Violet Evergarden

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